Buchanan Portfolio of Characters From Dickens

The Buchanan Portfolio of Characters from Dickens

A portfolio of Dickens characters immortalized by Frank Reynolds in the early 1900’s. The collection was owned by the James Buchanan Company (Distillers) in London, England, and in the late 1920’s they gave their permission for this one time collection to be copied and presented in a fantastic portfolio.

The complete set of 15 prints contains;

  • Title Print The Old Black Swan Distillery [Barnaby Rudge] 1790 & 1913
  • Charles Dickens Portrait
  • Mr Pickwick [Pickwick Papers]
  • Samuel Weller [Pickwick Papers]
  • Tony Weller [Pickwick Papers]
  • Jingle [Pickwick Papers]
  • Mr. Winkle On The Ice [Pickwick Papers]
  • Mr Micawber [David Copperfield]
  • Gabriel Varden [Barnaby Rudge]
  • Dolly Varden [Barnaby Rudge]
  • Cheeryble Brothers [Nicholas Nickleby]
  • Captain Cuttle [Dombey & Sons]
  • Montague Tigg [Martin Chuzzelewit]
  • The Artful Dodger [Oliver Twist]
  • Trotty Veck [The Chimes]

Frank Reynolds (1876 – 1953) was a British artist. In 1906 he began contributing to Punch Magazine and was regularly published within its pages during World War I. He was well known for his many illustrations in several books by Charles Dickens, including David Copperfield (c1911), The Pickwick Papers (c1912) and The Old Curiosity Shop (c1913).

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17 thoughts on “Buchanan Portfolio of Characters From Dickens

  1. I have a complete set in the original folder. Two have been framed. What is the value.

  2. Hello
    I have the Buchanan portfolio of characters of Charles Dickens and would like to know the value of this collection. All 15 prints are there and in good condition.

    1. Hi It is difficult to give a valuation without actually seeing the prints, are you based in the UK?

      1. We are based in the UK and have a full set of The Buchanan Portfolio and wondered of the present value.

  3. I have The Buchanan Portfolio of Characters of Dickens. It is missing Samuel Weller and Montague Tigg. I am looking to get this valued with a view to sell. I live in Edinburgh. Can you suggest where the best place for valuation would be?

    1. Hi It would have been better if it was complete, however, the best place to take it for a valuation is your local auction house.

  4. Good day,i like to find out how much cost collection of Buchanan Portfolio? Have a nice day. thank you.

  5. I have the Buchanan portfolio but with 14 pictures.
    Mr Macawber is missing.
    What is the market value of this please?

    1. I would really need to see this item to give you a Market Value, I have also sent a reply by email.

  6. Hi would u have an idea of what a full set of theses prints are worth i have a set and am looking at selling them Thanks Lyn

    1. Does your collection come in the original folder?

  7. I have the complete portfolio which I inherited in good condition. Would you be able to give me an indication of value? I would be most grateful as I am given to understand that they are rare. I would be interested in selling. Thanks.

    1. Reply sent by email

  8. Good day ,can you tell me how match is the portfolio worth ?

    1. I am sorry it is not possible for me to give valuations without actually seeing the item

  9. I have an interesting print of Reynold’s “Mr. Winkle on the Ice, that looks as though it may have come from the Buchanan Folio. The print measures appx 7″wide by 10″high, and appears to be permanently attached to an embossed mat measuring appx 12″x16”. The mat is interesting because it displays:

    1. lower left corner: “Published by A. F. N. Jones & Co.
    Ltd. 64 Fore Street, London, E.c.3.
    2. Lower Right corner: “From the original painting the property of JAMES BUCHANAN & cO, Ltd. SCOTCH WHISKY DISTILLERS, GLASGOW & lONDON”

    The work is framed, the mat condition is B to B+. It shows browining from age with white spots well away from the print, probably from chemical action due to age. I do not want to remove the work from the frame. Print condition is A to A+, no damage, good color. I have not been able to find anything about this work on the internet. Can you help me? Respectfully, Mercer Helms

  10. Have recently purchased buchanan portfolio of Dickens characters – over the moon with them – worth every penny -the prints are out of this world

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