48 Volume Border Edition Nimmo 1892-94

Waverley Novels Large Type Border Edition Complete 48 Volumes

The first of Scott’s Waverley Novels burst upon an astonished world in 1814. Its publication marked the emergence of the modern novel in the western world, influencing all the great nineteenth-century writers.

The first definitive edition was the 48-volume set published between 1829 and 1833 by Robert Cadell (named the “Magnum Opus” by Scott), and was based on previous editions, with new introductions and appendices by Scott.

The Border Edition edited by Andrew Lang was an update on the Magnum Opus edition with new material researched by Andrew Lang and was published in both, 48 and 24 Volume Editions.

The complete set in 48 volumes of the Large-Type Border Edition, was edited by famous folklorist Andrew Lang, an authority on Sir Walter Scott and his biographer, and contains Lang’s introductions.

The complete 48 Volume set contains;

  • Volume I , Waverley I
  • Volume II ,Waverley II
  • Volume III , Guy Mannering I
  • Volume IV , Guy Mannering II
  • Volume V , The Antiquary I
  • Volume VI , The Antiquary II
  • Volume VII , Rob Roy I
  • Volume VIII , Rob Roy II
  • Volume IX , Old Mortality I
  • Volume X ,Old Mortality II
  • Volume XI , Heart of Mid-Lothian I
  • Volume XII , Heart of Mid-Lothian II
  • Volume XIII , A Legend of Montrose
  • Volume XIV , Bride of Lammermoor I
  • Volume XV , Bride of Lammermoor II
  • Volume XVI , Ivanhoe I
  • Volume XVII , Ivanhoe II
  • Volume XVIII , The Monastery I
  • Volume XIX , The Monastery II
  • Volume XX , The Abbott I
  • Volume XXI ,The Abbot II
  • Volume XXII , Kennilworth I
  • Volume XXIII , Kennilworth II
  • Volume XXIV , The Pirate I
  • Volume XXV , The Pirate II
  • Volume XXVI , The Fortunes of Nigel I
  • Volume XXVII , The Fortunes of Nigel II
  • Volume XXVIII , Peveril of the Peak I
  • Volume XXIX , Peveril of the Peak II
  • Volume XXX , Peveril of the Peak III
  • Volume XXXI , Quentin Durward I
  • Volume XXXII , Quentin Durward II
  • Volume XXXIII , St Ronan’s Well I
  • Volume XXXIV , St Ronan’s Well II
  • Volume XXXV , Red Gauntlet I
  • Volume XXXVI ,Red Gauntlet II
  • Volume XXXVII , The Betrothed I
  • Volume XXXVIII , The Talisman
  • Volume XXXIX , Woodstock I
  • Volume XL , Woodstock II
  • Volume XLI , Fair Maid of Perth I
  • Volume XLII , Fair Maid of Perth II
  • Volume XLIII , Anne of Geierstein I
  • Volume XLIV , Anne of Geierstein II
  • Volume XLV , Count Robert of Paris I
  • Volume XLVI , Count Robert of Paris II
  • Volume XLVII , Castle Dangerous I
  • Volume XLVIII , Castle Dangerous II and Surgeon’s Daughter


  • Publisher John C Nimmo, London; 1892-1894
  • Red Cloth Hardback with Gilt Titles, Gilt page Tops
  • Illustrated by more than Two Hundred and Fifty New and Original Etchings by Eminent Artists printed on Japanese paper.
  • Size 210 x 150mm, (2x21kg)
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Things To Look Out For;

  1. Check for Loose or Missing Illustrations
  2. Check All the Hinges for Cracking and Check the Soundness of the Bindings
  3. Check For Foxing (Brown/Orange fungal staining)

2 thoughts on “48 Volume Border Edition Nimmo 1892-94

  1. To: Whom it may concern,

    I have several of the Waverley Volumes by Sir Walter Scott with Introductory Notes and Essays by Andrew Lang. All of my books are in great condition and all etchings are intact. I was wondering what the value is? I am a book collector as well as a seller, a job I took up when I was laid off a few years ago along with many others. The books I have are:

    1. The Antiquary I
    2. THe Antiquary II
    3. Guy ManneringII
    4. Kenilworth I
    5. Chronicles of the CannonGate
    6. Anne of Geierstien II
    7. Peveril Of the Peak II

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, there is no real value to these books unless they are a complete set.

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