Sir Walter Scott – Collected Editions

Sir Walter Scott – Collected Editions

This Group of Pages provides documentation for the Collected Editions of the Works of Sir Walter Scott.

The aim is to provide a list of the volumes for each edition and any special features and where appropriate, points to look out for when considering purchasing a set.

My efforts so far can be found by clicking on Scott Collected Editions Index

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I personally am a great fan of the works of Sir Walter Scott, there surely must be more of out there.

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Coming Soon My – Introduction to Sir Walter Scott. Look out for a series of articles covering;

An Appreciation of Sir Walter Scott in Ten Parts
Part I – Walter Scott, A Short Biography
Part II – Scott The Poet.
Part III – The Waverley Novels, Introduction and The First Four Novels
Parts IV-VIII – The Waverley Novels. (Coming Soon)
Part IX – Locations Associated with Sir Walter Scott. (Coming Soon)
Part X – Short Bibliography including Editions of The Waverley Novels. (Coming Soon)

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6 thoughts on “Sir Walter Scott – Collected Editions

  1. Sir,

    I have a 20 vol set of Sir Walter Scott, Edition De luxe.
    (This) edition of the works of (Scott), Bart., (was) printed for subscribers only, is limited to one thousand numbered sets, of which (mine) is….No.349.

    I am aging now and in failing health and would be interested in finding an appropriate home for this, part of my collection of special authors for many years.

    Could you kindly suggest an appropriate solution.
    Thank you,
    Daniel Scheall

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, apologies for the delay in replying. Are these books in the UK?

  2. Hi :)
    Just wondering if u got the last email i sent to ur email address?
    Any ideas on market value for both the Water Scott books and the Shakespeare? These are ones I’ve held on to due to how beautiful they are..

  3. Regarding the 4 books Sir Walter Scott – my email address is

    Looking forward to hearing from you as I was just about to list them online for sale
    Yet i will wait to see if you are interested first
    Kind Regards

  4. I have 4 novels of Sir Walter Scott’s
    Beautifully bound in a hard cover format embossed with a gilded gold coloured decoration
    They are from the ‘Heron Books Collection” and have an inscription that states in type;
    To the Kings Most Gracious Majesty
    The Author of this Collection of Works of Fiction would not have presumed to solicit for them your Majesty’s August patronage, were it not that the perusal has been supposed in some instances to have succeeded in amusing hours of relaxation, or relieving those of languor, pain, or anxiety, and therefore must have so far aided the warmest wish of your Majesty’s heart, by contributing in however small a degree to the happiness of your people.
    They are therefor humbly dedicated to your Majesty, agreeably to your gracious permission, by
    Your Majesty’s Dutiful Subject
    Walter Scott
    (Abbotsford, 1st January, 1829)
    I am unsure when they were published but the most latest date I can gather from the book is 1923.
    The books are in mint condition
    – Waverley – books 1 and 2
    – Rob Roy – books 1 and 2
    4 books in total..
    Please email me if you are interested

    1. Heron books were published approximately between 1960 and 1980

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