The Special Edition of The Greater Works Of Charles Dickens Howell [1880]


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The Special Edition of The Greater Works Of Charles Dickens Pub. W. R. Howell & Co.

Rarely seen complete collection of the 11 part six shilling edition.

From the covers of Division 1;

The Special Edition of The Greater Works Of Charles Dickens, Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, Martin Chuzzlewit, Dombey and Son and Bleak House
With all the original illustrations issued by arrangement with Messrs. Chapman and Hall, proprietors of the copyrights.

The publishers feel that the title, “THE GREATER WORKS OF CHARLES DICKENS”, is justified by the enormous sale these particular volumes have obtained. Many attempts have been made to Illustrate these books, but none have achieved the success of the originals by PHIZ and SEYMOUR.

It is almost unnecessary to remind the public of the quaintness of the drawings, of their truth to the fashions of the time and the spirit of the stories.

The former issue of these books with the original plates was very expensive, and they are now almost unobtainable. The low price of this edition will place it within reach of those whose means prevent them from obtaining first editions.

This issue surpasses all others in the size and quality of paper. The whole of the original drawings by the above named Artists will be given, sixty of which will be printed direct from the steels. The work is specially prepared for subscription only, and will not be obtainable through ordinary booksellers.

CONDITIONS OF PUBLICATION – The work will be completed in Thirty-one parts at 2s. each, Or in Ten divisions at 6s. each and One part at 2s, or in Six volumes half-morocco, gilt edges, at 17s. 6d. per vol. Each part will contain about 125 pages of letterpress and seven or eight full page illustrations, two of which will be on steel. The size of the work will be square 8vo. And printed in the finest style on special paper, and will be sold to Subscribers only. No order will be received for less than the entire set.

All orders and communications to be forwarded to;


Division 1 – David Copperfield 1-384pp

Division 11 – Illustration; Dombey and Son frontispiece:
David Copperfield 385-624pp, [7],viii-xiv [2]pp;
Dombey and Son 1-128pp

Division 3 – Illustrations;
A Visitor of Distinction;
The Dombey Family;
The Christening Party;
Captain Cuttle consoles his Friend;
The eyes of Mrs. Chick are opened;
Mr Dombey and the World;
Mr Carker in his hour of triumph;
Florence and Edith on the Staircase:
Dombey and Son 129-512pp

Division 4 – Dombey and Son 513-624pp, [9],xii-xvi,[2]pp;
Posthumous Papers of The Pickwick Club 1-256pp

Part 5 – Illustrations;
Mr Pickwick in the Pound;
Mr Weller attacks the executive of Ipswich;
The pugnacious cabman;
The Rival Editors;
Miss Fox pays a visit;
The Shadow in the little Parlor;
Paul and Mrs Pipchin;
Mr Dombey introduces his daughter;
Solemn reference is made to Mr Bunsby;
Mr Pickwick sits for his portrait:
Posthumous Papers of The Pickwick Club 257-609pp, [5],vi-xiv,[2]pp

Part 6 – Illustrations;
The unexpected breaking up of the Seminary for young ladies;
Mrs Burdell encounters Mr Pickwick in the prison;
The dying Clown;
Mary and the fat boy;
Mr Pickwick slides;
The first interview with Mr Sergeant Snubbin;
Mr Pickwick addresses the club:

Bleak House 1-384pp

Part 7 – Illustrations;
The little old Lady;
Friendly behaviour of Mr Bucket;
In Re Guppy Extraordinary proceedings;
The Lord Chancellor copies from memory;
The visit at the Brickmakers;
Magnanimous conduct of Mr Guppy;
Lady Dedlock in the wood;
Mrs Bagnet returns from her expedition;
Caddy’s flowers;
Consecrated ground;
The Dancing School;
Affectionate behaviour of Messrs. Pyke and Pluck;
Kate Nickleby sitting to Miss La Creevy:
Bleak House 385-624pp, [7], viii-xvi pp:
Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 1-128pp.

Part 8 – Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 129-512pp

Part 9 – Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 513-524pp, [7],viii-xvi pp;
Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit 1-224pp.

Part 10 – Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit 225-544pp.

(fragment) – Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit 545-624, [7], viii-xiv pp, Errata page.


  • Publisher W R Howell & Co., London; [1880]
  • Softcover
  • Size 225 x 170mm, 7kg

Condition: Good – Missing Several Illustrations, Some Loose Covers, Missing Covers on Part 11

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