The Rune Poem Chronicle Books 1996


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The Rune Poem

The Rune Poem translated and annotated by Jim Paul, Wisdom's Fulfillment Prophecy's Reach, originally written in the early Middle Ages in Anglo-Saxon. In the waning years of the first millennium, Runes were the Signs and Talismans of the Tribal People of Northern Europe. The Rune Poem, a medieval alphabet verse of the Runes, illuminates these primal symbols and gives a magical glimpse into the dark and powerful world in which they flourished.


  • First Impession
  • Publisher Chronicle Books, San Francisco; 1996
  • Blue Cloth Hardback, 96 pp
  • Fully illustrated in Celtic design and detail.
  • Size 170 x 170 mm
  • ISBN 0 8118 1136 0

Condition: Very Good – Very Good Unclipped Dust Jacket, No Inscriptions, Excellent Copy

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