The Pyramid Builder by Christine El Mahdy 2003


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The Pyramid Builder by Christine El Mahdy

The Pyramid Builder; Discussion of what the archaeology of the pyramids tells us about the convoluted reign of Cheops and his heirs and successors. Includes a chapter on the sphinx and its dating. Identifies the face of the sphinx as that of Cheops' brother. Four and a half thousand years ago, the largest of the wonders of the ancient world was built. The Great Pyramid at Giza has fascinated and intrigued scholars ever since and it is the only one of the wonders listed by the Greeks to have survived intact to this day. By the time Tutankhamen ruled Egypt it was already 1500 years old; to Cleopatra it was an antiquity. But how was it built Why and by whom The Great Pyramid, thought to be evidence of a slave-culture on a truly despotic scale, has fascinated travellers and archaelogists since the 19th-century revival of interest in antiquities. And with it a fascination with the pharoah who built it: Cheops. This book takes a look at the man behind the monument – the life and times of Cheops, the greatest pyramid-builder of them all.


  • First Edition, First Impression
  • Publisher Headline, London; 2003
  • Red Cloth Hardback With Gilt Title, 337 pp
  • Contains many B&W and full-colour illustrations
  • Size 245 x 155 mm, 850g
  • ISBN 0-75553-1008-X

Condition: Very Good – Unclipped Dust Jacket in Protective Sleeve, No Inscriptions, Very Good Copy

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