The Australians A Candid View From Down Under Cox Chilton 1966


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The Australians A Candid View From Down Under by Harry Cox

The Australians A Candid View From Down Under; The story of the big continent down under as seen through the eye of one if its most prominent journalists (at the time of publishing) Mr Cox, while not slighting the geological and historical facts, he manages to make his country infinitely more vivid through close-ups of some of its most important characters. There's Samuel Marsden, the flogging magistrate, Ned Kelly, the fanciful highwayman, Peter Lalor, the story revolutionary, Robert Burke, the daring explorer, James Coates, the incredible confidence man, and Charles Smith and Charles Ulm, two great pioneers in the field of aviation. Mr Cox also discusses the Aborigines and their history, their customs and their relations with the white settlers, and the early white settlers themselves. Not afraid to be blunt when he wants, he has written an honest, compelling appraisal of his homeland.


  • Publisher Chilton Books, Philadelphia; 1966
  • Hardback, 193 pp
  • Contains a number of black and white photos and 1 black and white illustrated map
  • Size 208 x 143mm, 0.55 kg

Condition: Very Good – Good Unclipped Dust Jacket, Slight Rubbing to Edges, No Inscriptions, Very Good Copy

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