Shakespeare's Roman Plays and Their Background 1935


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Shakespeare's Roman Plays and Their Background M W MacCallum

Contents; Introduction, I. Roman Plays In The Sixteenth Century, 1. "Appius And Virginia." The Translation Of "Octavia", 2. The French Senecans, 3. English Followers Of The French School. "The Wounds Of Civil War", II. Shakespeare's Treatment Of History, III. Ancestry Of Shakespeare's Roman Plays, 1. Plutarch, 2. Amyot, 3. North; Julius Caesar, I. Position Of The Play Between The The Histories And The Tragedies. Attraction Of The Subject For Shakespeare And His Generation. Indebtedness To Plutarch, II. Shakespeare's Transmutation Of His Material, III. The Titular Hero Of The Play, IV . The Excellences And Illusions Of Brutus, V. The Dissillusinment Of Brutus. Portia, VI. The Remaining Characters; Anthony And Cleopatra, I. Position Of The Play After The Great Tragedies. Shakespeare's Interest In The Subject, II. Anthony And Cleopatra, A History, Tradegy, And Love Poem; As Shown By It's Relations, III. The Associates Of Anthony, IV. The Political Leaders, V. Mark Antony, VI. Cleopatra, VII. Antony And Cleopatra; Coriolanus, I. Position Of The Play Before The Romances. Its Political And Artistic Aspects, II. Parallels And Contrasts With Plutarch, III. The Grand Contrast. Shakespeare's Conception Of The Situation In Rome, IV. The Kinsfolk And Friends Of Coriolanus, V. The Greatness Of Coriolanus. Aufidius, VI. The Disasters Of Coriolanus And Their Causes; Appendices A. Nearest Parallels Between Garnier's Cornelie In The French And English Versions And Julius Caesar, B. The Verbal Relations F The Various Versions Of Plutarch, Illustrated By Means Of Volumnia's Speech., C. Shakespeare's Alleged Indebtedness To Appian In Julius Caesar, D. Shakespeare's Loans From Appian In Anthony And Cleopatra, E. Cleopatra's One Word, F. The "Inexplicable" Passage In Coriolanus


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  • Publisher Macmillan & Co. Ltd., London; 1935
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