Problems And Principles Moberly Murray 1904


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Problems And Principles Moberly

Problems And Principles R C Moberly. An important and influential series of essays from a Liberal Catholic perspective. The attack on The Evangelicals Moule & Dimock at the Fulham conference is ferocious. The book should be in any serious theological library. Contents: Part I. Theological: 1. Belief in a personal God (1891); 2. Reason in relation to Christian evidences (1891); 3. Reason and theology (1895); 4. A religious view of human personality (1902); 5. The Fulham Conference on Communion with the atonement (1901); 6. The doctrine of the Holy Ghost (1894); 7. Enrichment of private prayer (1882) — Part II. Ecclesiastical: 8. Considerations upon disestablishment and disendowment (1894); 9. Undenominationalism as a principle of primary education (1902); 10. The independence of church courts– A letter to the Dean of Christ Church (1899), Is the independence of church courts really impossible? (1886); 11. Church membership and laws of marriage (1884), The Old Testament and the Christian law of marriage (1901); 12. Doctrinal standards (1897); 13. The pastoral office of the bishop (1902) — Index.


  • First Edition
  • Publisher, John Murray London; 1904
  • Navy Cloth With Gilt Title, 412 pp
  • Size 230 x 150 mm, 850g

Condition: Very Good – No Dust Jacket, No Inscriptions, Very Good Copy

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