Joan Grant Collection Four Novels Methuen 1943-47


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Joan Grant Collection Four Novels

Return To Elysium – The story of Lucina, the young ward of a Greek philosopher, surrounded by an exclusively masculine society, yet too clear-sighted to accept her rigid education. Later in life, as founder of a mystic cult in the young and primitive city of Rome, she discovers an existence that transcends death. Surrounded not by a masculine society, but by an equally exacting family which questioned her continually. First edition 1947.

Eyes of Horus – The third of Joan Grant s Far Memory novels, Eyes of Horus, set in Egypt at the close of the dark XIth Dynasty, is a profound commentary on the power of fear and the unlimited ability of light to shatter it. Eyes of Horus is the story, told in the first person, of Ra-ab, heir to the Nomarch of the Oryx, one of eighteen provinces in Egypt. He comes to learn that the Oryx is different than the rest of Egypt-it is still in touch with the light. The rest of Egypt is plagued by fear and ruled by corruption. Pharaoh is an ineffectual ruler. The priests have replaced the worship of Ptah with the worship of Set. Only the Oryx has cast off these shackles-and it is from the Oryx that a silent brotherhood of the eyes of Horus -the Watchers of the Horizon-arises, to work and wait for the dawn of a new age in Egypt. Send Fear into Exile , is the Watchers password, and when the time is ripe, Ra-ab leads the Oryx and its followers to victory-and a new Egypt. Third edition 1943.

Lord of the Horizon – This was the title given to Roidahn, leader of the Eyes of Horus, when Arnenernhet I became the first Pharaoh of the great XII Dynasty. This book describes how the new authority having overthrown a rule of fear. brought peace to Egypt; being able to do so because it recognized that the peace of a nation can only be obtained through the happiness of the individual. Through the eyes of Ra-ab Hotep. Nomarch of the Oryx. we see his wife and their three children, enjoy with them the glowing sunlight of the Nile Valley, and share the inward life of Pharaoh as though we too had been his close frlend. Conflict, whether between members of a family or between peoples, is a symptom of an inadequate ethic; and unhappiness is a disease which can. and must, be cured. First edition 1943.

Scarlet Feather – Piyanah is a girl born into an American Indian tribe that has lost its true heritage and become the prey of prejudice and superstition. She grows up with her cousin Raki as outsiders to the tribe, because her mother refuses to accept the restrictions of tradition. But in truth, Piyanah is the daughter of the chief, and after her mother dies, her father selects both Piyanah and Raki to become his successors and form a new tribe, free of the superstitious past. But first they must both prove themselves, and even then it is not easy for the new generation to break the ties of tradition, prejudice, and superstition which have kept the tribe trapped in its limitations. First edition 1945.


  • Publisher Methuen and Co Ltd, London; 1943-47
  • Cloth Hardback, 317, 404, 291, 264 pp
  • Size 1.6kg

Condition: Good to Very Good – No Inscriptions, Some Missing Jacket, Some Torn Jacket, Good to Very Good Condition

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