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Pick of The Week Commencing August 6th 2012

Pick of The Week Commencing August 6th 2012

Superb Dickens Collection Being Listed This Week

Purchased a superb collection of Dickens’ books this week, which will be listed over the next 10 days

Dickens’s England Michael and Mollie Hardwick BCA 1976

Charles Dickens A Pictorial Biography Priestley Thames & Hudson 1961

The Days Of Dickens Arthur Hayward Routledge c1920

The Dickens Souvenir 1912 Daily Telegraph Chapman Hall 1912

Dickens Land Nicklin Haslehust Blackie 1911

The Pageant Of Dickens Walter Crotch Chapman Hall 1915

Life of Dickens Frank T Marzials Walter Scott 1887

More books from this excellent collection being listed this week!

View All My Dickens Books at at Books

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