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New Listings Week Ending 21st March 2021

New Listings Week Ending 21st March 2021

Domesday Book A Complete Translation Folio Society 2003 £59.99
The Return of The Native Thomas Hardy Folio Society 1986 £15.99
Folk Tales Of Britain Narratives 3 Volumes Katharine Briggs Folio Society 2011 £69.99
Selected Poems and Prose Gerard Manley Hopkins Folio Society 2012 £29.99
Howards End E M Forster Folio Society 1973 £12.99
Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte Folio Society 1965 £29.99
The Greek Myths Two Volumes Robert Graves Folio Society 2001 £29.99
Relativity The Special and The General Theory Einstein Folio Society 2008 £19.99
RHS Gardeners’ Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers DK 1992 £12.99
The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer Folio Society 2000 £27.99
RHS The Rose Brent Elliott Andre Deutsch 2016 £39.99
The Botanical Treasury Kew Christopher Mills Andre Deutsch 2016 £29.99
Short Stories by Guy de Maupassant Folio Society 1959 £14.99
Pagans and Christians Robin Lane Fox Folio Society 2010 £59.99
Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy Heron Books [1970] £15.99
Crime And Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky Heron Books [1970] £12.99
Dead Souls Nikolay Gogol Heron Books [1970] £12.99
The World Of Late Antiquity Peter Brown Folio Society 2014 £59.99
Paris In The Middle Ages Simone Roux Folio Society 2014 £39.99

The Crusades Through Arab Eyes Amin Maalouf Folio Society 2012 £79.99
Pepys Diary 1660-1669 Three Volumes Folio Society 2002 £49.99
The Brownings Joanna Richardson Folio Society 1986 £12.99
The Trial of Charles I Herbert Rushworth Folio Society 1963 £15.99
The Beach of Falesa R L Stevenson Folio Society 1959 £12.99
Collected Short Stories Somerset Maugham 4 Vols Folio Society 1998 £29.99
Moll Flanders Daniel Defoe Folio Society Brook Street 1954 £19.99
Parade’s End Ford Madox Ford Folio Society 2014 £90.00
The History of Tom Jones Henry Fielding Folio Society 1960 £15.99

If you are interested in any of the above and can’t find them, please email me.


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