Women Who Made History 30 Volumes

Women Who Made History 30 Volumes

Catherine The Great by Zoe Oldenbourg
Emma, Lady Hamilton by Edward Bishop
George Sand by J.M. Scott
Madame Curie by Eve Curie
Marie Antoinette by John E. N. Hearsey
Queen Elizabeth Of England by John E. N. Hearsey
The Empress Eugenie by Alfred Leroy
The Last Great Empress Of China by Charlotte Haldane
The Life And Times Of Cleopatra by Carlo Maria Franzero
Boadicea by J.M. Scott
Madame De Maintenon by Peter De Polnay
Joan Of Arc by Herself & Her Witnesses
Harriet Beecher Stowe by Kenneth Allsop
Amelia Earhart by Nevin Bell
The Empress Josephine by Margery Weiner
Eva Peron by George Bruce
Lady Hester Stanhope by Joan Haslip
Maria Theresa by Paul Tabori
Empress Alexandra by Anthony Bird
Charlotte Bronte by E. C. Gaskell
Eleanor Roosevelt by Daniel Snowman
Florence Nightingale by John Montgomery
Helen Keller by Margery Weiner
Lucrezia Borgia A Study by Joan Haslip
Lucrezia Borgia by Alan Wykes
Mata Hari by Ronald William Millar
The Pankhursts by David Mitchell
Queen Christina by Georgina Masson
Queen Victoria by Reginald Pound
Sarah Bernhardt by Peter De Polnay

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