W. Somerset Maugham, Collection 31 Volumes

W. Somerset Maugham, Collection 31 Volumes

Gripping tales from the master story-teller.

Why is Maugham now hailed as a literary genius when so many critics once considered his novels too earthy, too sordid? He may shock you, even outrage you – but he will always hold you spellbound with the sheer power of his stories.

Particularly compelling are his ‘Ashenden’ stories of a First World War Secret Service Agent, which is based on his own experiences.

In ‘Rain’, one of the marvellous stories in ‘The Trembling Of A Leaf’, he dared to build his story on a ‘reformed’ tart who is corrupted by a young missionary.

In ‘The Moon And Sixpence’, inspired by the life of the painter Gauguin, he further outraged society by making his hero reject his wife and Western values for primitive life in Tahiti where, as a cynical privilege of his rank, he took a woman as second wife as casually as one would buy a loaf of bread. How the critics howled! But how the public loved his earthy realism.

This series can be found in two Kidron versions, namely the blue cover shown above and one with black spines and deep red covers, as below.

First twenty in original catalogue, other eleven are later additions

The Trembling Of A Leaf
The Moon And Sixpence
Mrs. Craddock,
The Mixture as Before
Creatures of Circumstance
The Painted Veil
The Razor’s Edge
First Person Singular
Christmas Holiday
Ah King
Of Human Bondage I
Of Human Bondage II
Liza of Lambeth
The Narrow Corner & Casuarina Tree
Up at the Villa & Don Fernando
Cakes and Ale.

Later additions;

Plays I
Plays II
Plays III
The Summing Up
The Explorer & Land of the Blessed Virgin
Points of View & Selected Prefaces
A Writer’s Notebook
The Magician & The Gentleman in the Parlour
Catalina & Then and Now
The Vagrant Mood & Ten Novels
The Merry-Go-Round

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16 thoughts on “W. Somerset Maugham, Collection 31 Volumes

  1. Hello, I have the complete set (31) blue edition of W. Somerset Maughan. All in excellent condition. Would you be interested. They are located in Canberra Australia.
    Thank you

    1. Unfortunately shipping costs to the UK would not make this a cost effective purchase for me.

  2. I have 15 volumes of W Somerset Maugham hard back as your picture above.
    Are they sellable?

    1. Answered by email

  3. Hi.
    I have 19 blue hard copies of W Somerset Maughan.
    10 copies of your original catalogue and 9 od the later editions.
    All in very good condition. no tears or otherwise.
    What is you best offer for all 19

    1. If the books are in the UK please state where and list the titles available.

  4. Hi I would like to buy the complete collection if you have it for sale

    1. I currently don’t have a complete collection in stock, I will email you when I next get one.

  5. I have two 3 volume sets of Somerset Maughan. The collected plays printed 1953 all with pretty good condition dust jackets and the 3 vol selected novels printed 1953 two with dust jackets in ok condition and one worth no jacket. Are you interested in buying them?

    1. Thanks for your enquiry, I am always interested in good quality books, I have replied by email asking for more details and some images.

  6. Complete set, red covers, fair condition

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, todays buyers are only looking for collections in Good to Very Good condition.

  7. I have 26 new unread still wrapped w.somerset Maugham books what are they worth? Thanks Gina

    1. I would need to know which edition two tone red/black or just navy

  8. Dear all,

    May I kindly ask you, if the Maughan collection is still available and what the price is?

    Thank you for your information.

    Kind regards
    Olivier Dohrau

    1. Hi Olivier
      I do not currently have this collection available but if you bookmark my website and keep checking back, i should have one available very soon. Regards Charles

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