The Smash-Hits of Alistair MacLean 22 Volumes

The Smash-Hits of Alistair MacLean 22 Volumes

Fast and furious action at its most exciting, you are never spared by MacLean.

You know exactly what it feels like when, for example, a soft-nosed lead bullet from a Colt tears and smashes bone, muscle and tissue. You are swept along at an unrelenting pace from one danger to another, uncertain who to trust, knowing the odds are cruelly stacked against you.

You are there, right at the heart of the action, because MacLean has put you there. Which is, perhaps, his greatest gift, he involves you completely with the ingenious plots, the high tension and the chilling details.

And he knows what he’s writing about. His first novel, H.M.S. Ulysses is based upon his own exploits aboard a minesweeper in World War II.

Many of MacLean’s novels have been made into smash-hit movies, notably, Where Eagles Dare, The Guns Of Navarone and Ice Station Zebra.

Most of his adventures have sold over a million copies each!

When Eight Bells Toll 1973
Bear Island 1973
Caravan To Vaccares 1973
The Satan Bug 1973
The Last Frontier 1973
The Guns Of Navarone 1973
The Golden Rendezvous 1973
The Dark Crusader 1973
South By Java Head 1973
Ice Station Zebra 1973
Force 10 From Navarone 1973
Fear Is The Key 1973
Where Eagles Dare 1973
Puppet On A Chain 1973
Night Without End 1973
H.M.S. Ulysses 1973
Way To A Dusty Death 1974
Breakheart Pass 1975
Circus 1976
The Golden Gate 1977
Seawitch 1978
Goodbye California 1979

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8 thoughts on “The Smash-Hits of Alistair MacLean 22 Volumes

  1. Could you give me an approx. valuation for a set please ?

    1. Sorry unable to give a valuation without actually seeing the books

  2. Hello I have a complete set of the Alistair Mclean series in excellent condition. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP. Thank you

    1. Thanks for your enquiry, sadly, shipping from Canada to the UK would not make this a cost effective purchase for me.

  3. I too am looking for a heron edition of goodbye California.

  4. I purchased a lot of Heron books in the 70s.I have the(almost) compleat Alistair Macleen collection,In perfect condition However I seem to be missing one(don’t know why)? Goodbye California? If I had this one they would be worth a lot. Having said that, I shall never part with them! I have quite a few collections including Compleat Dickens,Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy. I would love to own compleat H G Wells

    1. Goodbye California is always the missing volume, they do crop up sometimes and if I ever get a spare copy I will email you.

  5. Dear Charles

    Thank you for your reply.

    You list 3 of the books I require and they are:

    The Golden Gate 1976
    Seawitch 1977
    Goodbye California 1978

    Others I require are:

    Athabasca 1980
    River of Death 1981
    Partisans 1982
    Floodgate 1983
    San Andreas 1984
    Santorini 1986

    Others I’m interested in might be All About Lawrence of Arabia 1962
    Alistair Maclean Introduces Scotland 1972
    Captain Cook 1972

    Can you give me a price for the ones you have and advise me whether you can get the books from the other two lists?

    Many thanks

    Yours sincerely

    Victor Lyndon

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