The P G Wodehouse Collection 20 Volumes

The P G Wodehouse Collection 20 Volumes

For sheer comedy invention – totally without equal. No wonder millions of people the world over idolise the hilarious novels of P.G. Wodehouse. No other writer so perfectly caricatures that peculiar eccentricity of benighted Earls who lavish their bounty on prize pigs . . . ‘silly ass’ young men, so wet behind the ears it’s a wonder their collars don’t shrink . . . and dowagers whose imperious gaze would melt a suit of armour at twenty paces! Above all, you’ll be astounded, amazed and left helpless with laughter at the loony antics of Bertie Wooster and his suave, know-all butler Jeeves – so beautifully portrayed on TV by Ian Carmichael and Dennis Price.

To honour the Centenary of Wodehouse(1881-1975), our craftsmen specially created a magnificent Heirloom Binding in rich burgundy Kidron, reminiscent of fine leathers, with elegant golden embellishments on spines and covers.

Because each volume contains two full-length novels this Unique Collection represents superlative value for money.

Right Ho, Jeeves and Carry On, Jeeves
Summer Lightning and Blandings Castle
Uncle Fred In The Springtime/Lord Emsworth & Others
The Code Of The Woosters/Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves
Love Among The Chickens/Eggs, Beans And Crumpets
Very Good, Jeeves/Thank You, Jeeves
Laughing Gas/Hot Water
Ukridge/Nothing Serious
Heavy Weather/Service With A Smile
Meet Mr. Mulliner/Mr. Mulliner Speaking
The Inimitable Jeeves/Ring For Jeeves
The Luck Of The Bodkins/Big Money
Uncle Dynamite/Cocktail Time
Leave It To PSmith/Summer Moonshine
The Mating Season/Jeeves In The Offing
Pelican At Blandings/Full Moon
PSmith In The City/PSmith Journalist
Pigs Have Wings/Spring Fever
Uneasy Money/Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen
The Heart Of A Goof/Indiscretions Of Archie

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11 thoughts on “The P G Wodehouse Collection 20 Volumes

  1. Just putting them on eBay uk now!

    1. Condition is just not good enough for purchase

  2. I have a full set available?

    Thanks Ryan

  3. With the recent U.S. election, I’ve taken refuge in P.G. Wodehouse. Is this 20 Volume set available? Price? Photos?

    1. None in stock currently, will email you when I next get one in.

  4. Hi,

    I am looking for 15 volumes in this collection. Do you have any in stock?

    These are the ones I have.

    Laughing Gas/Hot Water
    Leave it to Psmith/Summer Moonshine
    The Luck of the Bodkins/ Big Money
    Full Moon/A Pelican @Blandings
    The Heart of a Goof/Indiscretions of Archie

    Many thanks for your time

    Sarah Depasquale

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, I am looking at a collection of Heron Wodehouse this Tuesday 23rd, I will let you know, by email, what I have available once I have seen them. Regards Charles

  5. I am not sure such a thing is available, but is it possible to get an entire collection of P.G Wodehouse books, thanks

    1. I don’t believe there is an entire collection published as Wodehouse was a prodigious author. There are some excellent part collections which I have detailed in my email reply.

  6. Hello,

    I am unable to find the described collection of works (by P. G. Wodehouse) on the link. Can you pls confirm if these are still available?

    1. Hi
      I am currently out of stock of this collection but I do get them in regularly so keep looking.

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