The Masterpieces of Guy de Maupassant 4 Volumes Complete Set

The Masterpieces of Guy de Maupassant 4 Volumes Complete

Henri René Albert Guy de Maupassant (1850 –1893) was a popular 19th-century French writer, considered one of the fathers of the modern short story and one of the form’s finest exponents. A protégé of Flaubert, Maupassant’s stories are characterized by their economy of style and efficient, effortless dénouement. Many of the stories are set during the Franco-Prussian War of the 1870s and several describe the futility of war and the innocent civilians who, caught in the conflict, emerge changed.

I Pierre et Jean and other stories

Comprises Pierre et Jean, Ball of Fat (Boule de Suif), Yvette, Madame Tellier’s Excursion (La Maison Tellier), The Olive Grove (Le Champ d’Oliviers).

II Une Vie or The History of a Heart and other stories

Comprises Une Vie, Mademoiselle Fifi, Moonlight, Miss Harriet, Toine, The String, A Mesalliance, The Umbrella

III Bel Ami or the History of a Scoundrel and other stories

Comprises Bel Ami. The Horla. An Enthusiast. Francesca and Carlotta Rondoli. Bed no. 29. Paul’s Mistress. The Old Maid.

IV Fort Comme La Mort or The Ruling Passion and other stories

Comprises Fort Comme la Mort. Useless Beauty. That Pig of a Morin. A Normandy Joke. The Story of a Farm Girl. The Victim.

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