The March Of History 20 Volumes Heron Books

Heron Books The March Of History 20 Volumes

Heron Books take on twenty important events in world history.

The Bootleggers – Allsop, Kenneth
The Potemkin Mutiny – Hough, Richard
Man On The Moon – Mansfield, John M.
The Longest Day – Ryan, Cornelius
The Battle of Britain – Jullian, Marcel
Benito Mussolini – Hibbert, Christopher
Gallipoli – Moorehead, Alan
Eleven Years in Soviet Prison Camps – Lipper, Elinor
Abdication – Inglis, Brian
In Flanders Fields:the 1917 Campaign – Wolff, Leon
The Third Man. The Truth About “Kim” Philby Double Agent – Cookridge,E.H.
Sink The Tirpitz! – Peillard, Léonce
The Last Days of Hitler – Trevor-Roper, Hugh Redwald
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns – Jungk, Robert
The Russian Revolution – Moorehead, Alan
The Murderers Among Us –Wiesenthal, Simon
The Fall Of Japan – Craig, William
The General Strike – Julian Symons
The Strange Death Of Liberal England – George Dangerfield
The Easter Rebellion – Max Gaulfield

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