The Edgar Wallace Collection 8 Volumes

The Edgar Wallace Collection 8 Volumes

Born in 1875 Edgar Wallace became synonymous with an exciting style of thriller novel. Yet remarkably, he didn’t achieve real success until he was 41, when he published the remarkable novel: The Four Just Men – a chillingly realistic story of how four men sworn to secrecy upon death set out on a crusade to rid society of evil men who might otherwise escape justice.

Edgar Wallace went on to write a whole string of brilliant crime and suspense thrillers, and at the height of his fame his royalties and advance payments for books set new records.

Eight of his finest novels brought together in a superlative dark blue Kidron binding, lavishly decorated with an exquisite golden tracery on spines and covers.

The Four Just Men
The Crimson Circle
The Mind Of Mr. J. G. Reeder
Blue Hand
Jack O’Judgment
The Daffodil Mystery
The Dark Eyes Of London
The Green Rust

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