The Collected Works of Nevil Shute 20(23) Volumes

The Collected Works of Nevil Shute 20(23) Volumes

He wrote with a power that enthralled millions. Nevil Shute became, in his time, the most popular novelist in the world. He was born to tell stories – of life in the Australian outback and the American West, in Burma and Malaya and the towns and villages of England – stories of the courage and decency of ordinary people, of the values of the individual in an ailing world, of the power of friendship and the force of love, of drama, innocence and disaster.

‘Age, sex, class – these were matters of indifference to Nevil Shute when he wanted to portray the qualities which he believed made humanity valuable, the skills and principles, the tenacity and unself-seeking courage without which human organisation would not be possible’, writes William Buchan in his preface to this collected edition.

Nevil Shute Norway worked as an aeronautical engineer at Vickers before setting up his own airship company. He used his full name in his engineering career, and ‘Nevil Shute’ as his pen name, in order to protect his engineering career from any potential negative publicity in connection with his novels. He served in both world wars and was a commander in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve in World War II, working on secret projects. He flew his own aircraft to Australia to research On the Beach, before settling there permanently. His books are based on his own wartime and aircraft industry experiences.

A Town Like Alice
On The Beach
No Highway
Pied Piper
Chequer Board
An Old Captivity
Round The Bend
The Far Country
Requiem For A Wren
In The Wet
Beyond The Black Stump
Trustee From The Toolroom
Stephen Morris
Slide Rule
Lonely Road
The Rainbow and The Rose
Most Secret
*Ruined City
*So Disdained
*What Happened To The Corbetts

*The following were also produced in Dual Title Volumes
Ruined City/Landfall
Marazan/So Disdained
Pastoral/What Happened To The Corbetts

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6 thoughts on “The Collected Works of Nevil Shute 20(23) Volumes

  1. Just going through my fathers collection for Neville Shute’s Collection – I found he has 16 of his book collection.
    A town like Alice
    On the Beach
    No Highway
    Pied Piper
    Chequer Board
    Round the bend
    The Far Country
    Requiem for a wren
    In the Wet
    Beyond the Black Stump
    Trustee From The Toolroom
    The rainbow and The Rose
    Most Secret
    What Happened to the Corbetts

    As my father is unable to keep and read the book collection now,as he has been in a High Care Facility for some years. I am his eldest Daughter I would like to sell them not just through when out so others can enjoy the collection too.
    Excellent condition.
    Susan Edwards

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, I am currently only buying complete collections.

  2. Looking for the complete works of Nevil Shute. You appear to have a set. Can you give me a price?

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, I currently only have a part collection available which contains 22 of the 23 volumes.

      I can offer you this part collection for £125 delivered Free in the UK, please ask for overseas prices.

      Please advise if you would be interested in this part collection.

      In any event I will add your request to my wants list and email you when I get a complete collection

  3. Do you have the comlete works of Neville Shute in stock? If so I would be keen to buy.

    1. Hi John, Unfortunately I do not have a complete collection in stock at the moment, but I do get them in regularly. I have made a note and will email you when I get the next one in. Regards Charles

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