The Collected Works of J.B. Priestley 27 Volumes

The Collected Works of J.B. Priestley 27 Volumes

John Boynton Priestley (1894-1984). Bradford born, author, novelist, playwright, essayist, broadcaster, scriptwriter, social commentator and man of letters, whose career straddled the 20th Century.

Many of his works have become 20th century literary classics, among them ‘The Good Companions’, ‘Angel Pavement’, ‘Lost Empires’, ‘When We are Married’, ‘An Inspector Calls’ and ‘Time and the Conways’. But he was undoubtedly the most versatile writer of his time, producing essays, short stories, verse, literary criticism, social histories, travel books and film scripts, as well as an opera libretto and an autobiography.

They Walk in the City:
Adam in Moonshine & Benighted;
Margin Released;
The Doomesday Men & the Shapes of Sleep;
The Other Place & the Magicians;
The Moments & Other Pieces;
Sir Michael & Sir George;
Journey Down a Rainbow;
Festival at Farbridge;
Wonder Hero;
Midnight on the Desert & Rain Upon Godshill;
Low Notes on a High Level & the Thirty First of June;
Let the People Sing;
The Good Companions;
Lost Empires;
Literature & Western Man;
Delight & Selection of Essays;
English Journey;
Angel Pavement;
Bright Day;
Blackout in Gretley;
Daylight on Saturday.
Saturn Over The Water
Plays I;
Plays II;
Plays III.

Plays I
Contains 7 plays; Eden End, Dangerous Corner, Time and the Conways, I Have Been Here Before, Johnson Over Jordan, Music At Night and The Linden Tree.
Plays II
Contains 7 plays; Laburnum Grove, Bees On The Boat Deck, When We Are Married, Good Night Children, The Golden Fleece, How Are They At Home, Ever Since Paradise
Plays III
Contains 7 plays; Cornelius, People at Sea, They Came to a City, Desert Highway, An Inspector Calls, Home is Tomorrow and Summer Day’s Dream.

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