The Collected Works of Henry James 10 Volumes

The Collected Works of Henry James 10 Volumes

An author, whose world of glittering society so elegantly portrayed, is darkened with sinister shadows where apparently innocent relationships suddenly become twisted, obsessive or morbid. His Turn of the Screw, filmed as ‘The Innocents’, has been called the most haunting story of the unknown in all literature. Washington Square was tremendously successful on stage and on film as ‘The Heiress’.

Washington Square/The Pension Beaurepas/Bundle of Letters
The Princess Casamassima
Roderick Hudson
The Europeans
The American
The Ambassadors
The Portrait of A Lady
The Aspern Papers/The Turn of the Screw/The Spoils of Poynton
The Wings of The Dove
The Bostonians

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2 thoughts on “The Collected Works of Henry James 10 Volumes

  1. Hi there. I am just wondering where would be a good place (and a good home to go to) where i could sell The Collected Works of Henry James 10 Volumes that i own and that are in fantastic condition. I do not know much about the history behind them all, though i have now read a fair bit as i also have aJohn Steinbecks 13 volumes in great condition AND a thousand other books/comics/religious etc etc books of all types, and am a little overwhelmed knowing they are sought after and terrific reads. Anyways sorry about the short novel, and i do look forward to hearing back from you.
    Thanks so much. Tanya

    1. Thanks for your enquiry, unfortunately shipping costs to the UK would not make this a cost effective transaction.

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