The Best Sellers of Catherine Cookson 27 Volumes

The Best Sellers of Catherine Cookson 27 Volumes

No other writer of our time quite fires the imagination like Catherine Cookson

Now recognised as one of our greatest living romantic novelists her best sellers have sold over 40 million copies and inspired the brilliant television series: The Mallens, which so vividly brought to life the romance, the feuding, the struggles for power of the Mallen family.

In Thomas Mallen she created one of the most compulsive figures of modern fiction. A dark, brooding man who inherited great wealth and privileged rank among the villagers – and with such power over women, that few could resist him, despite his insidious evil.

Set against the magnificent backdrop of her native Northumbrian landscape, Catherine Cookson’s best-sellers are never less than totally compelling. She brings her colourful characters vividly to life and explores their interplay with subtlety to reveal unsuspected loyalties and affections.

Love, fear, revenge, greed, hate and intrigue – you’ll find them all in a Catherine Cookson novel.

The Mallen Streak
The Man Who Cried
The Cinder Path
The Invisible Cord
The Nice Bloke
The Mallen Litter
The Dwelling Place
The Gambling Man
The Girl
The Mallen Girl
The Invitation
Feathers In The Fire
Pure As The Lily
Miss Martha Mary Crawford
The Slow Awakening
The Iron Facade
Kate Hannigan
The Tide Of Life
The Glass Virgin
Katie Mulholland
Tilly Trotter
The Garment
The Round Tower
The Long Corridor
The Blind Miller
Hannah Massey
Our Kate (autobiography)

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4 thoughts on “The Best Sellers of Catherine Cookson 27 Volumes

  1. I have a set of 26 – as new condition, unread.
    The missing edition is ‘Our Kate (autobiography)’.
    Are you interested in buying?
    Martin – Hull.

  2. I have 20 Catherine cooksons book all green leather bound good condition which i would like to sell thanks

  3. Could you tell me how many books were published in the Catherine Cookson standard set please.I have about 21 of them and want to complete the set if it is possible

    1. The books are as listed on this page

  4. Hi have 20 of the above titles by heron in good/great condition published 1978 interested in selling. Am in the Dublin Ireland.

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