The Agatha Christie Thriller Collection 41 Volumes

The Collected Works of Agatha Christie


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Complete in 41 Volumes

Even before you reach the bottom of the first page, an Agatha Christie thriller has you utterly, hopelessly, ecstatically hooked! There is simply no escape, as you are drawn inexorably into the labyrinth of intrigue . . . hypnotised, tempted, thrilled, deceived . . . until at last, breathless and bewildered, you see the murderer unmasked in the final drama of revelation. From the pristine neatness of Hercule Poirot’s moustache to the twinkle in Miss Marple’s china-blue eyes, the magic never fails.

Murder On The Orient Express/A Murder Is Announced
Why Didn’t They Ask Evans/The A.B.C. Murders
The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd/Death In The Clouds
Death On The Nile/They Do It With Mirrors
The 4.50 From Paddington/10 Little Niggers
Ordeal by Innocence/Cat Among The Pigeons
Cards On The Table/Three Act Tragedy
At Bertram’s Hotel/Thirteen Problems
Crooked House/Passenger To Frankfurt
The Mysterious Affair At Styles/Poirot Investigates
N or M?/A Caribbean Mystery
Curtain/Sleeping Murder
Poirot’s Early Cases/Postern Of Fate
Nemesis/The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side
Sparkling Cyanide/Partners In Crime
Hallowe’en Party/Third Girl
Dumb Witness/The Hollow
Sad Cypress/Five Little Pigs
The Mystery Of The Blue Train/Hercule Poirot’s Christmas
Endless Night/They Came To Baghdad
Destination Unknown/The Murder At The Vicarage
Lord Edgware Dies/Towards Zero
Murder In The Mews/The Seven Dials Mystery
Dead Man’s Folly/Elephants Can Remember
The Sittaford Mystery/After The Funeral
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe/Evil Under The Sun
The Murder On The Links/The Secret Adversary
Peril At End House/The Pale Horse
Appointment With Death/Murder Is Easy
Taken At The Flood/Hickory, Dickory, Dock
Mrs. McGinty’s Dead/The Labours Of Hercules
The Moving Finger/The Body In The Library
The Mysterious Mr. Quin/Death Comes As The End
The Listerdale Mystery/The Clocks
By The Pricking Of My Thumbs/Parker Pyne Investigates
The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding/The Hound Of Death
The Big Four/Murder In Mesopotamia
A Pocketful Of Rye/Thirteen For Luck
The Man In The Brown Suit/The Secret Of Chimneys

And The Who’s Who Reference Of The 2,000 Characters Featured In All 66 Mystery Novels And 147 Short Stories.

There was also published in uniform binding, “The Mystery of Agatha Christie” written by Gwen Robyns and dated 1978. (Many thanks to Toirleac for adding this information)

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23 thoughts on “The Agatha Christie Thriller Collection 41 Volumes

  1. Bonjour. J’ai une collection oeuvres complètes d’Agathe Christie Edition Edito Service de 40 volumes (dont un volume avec 3 titres). La collection est elle complète ? Connaissez vous la valeur ? Cordialement

    1. Bonjour. Unfortunately I have little experience of the market in France so I am unable to give you a valuation. Regards Charles

  2. I wonder if you could help me please. i have a collection of 37 heron books of Agatha Christie. I seem to have some missing for the full set.
    Would you be able to supply the missing volumes if i send you the titles please.

    Many thanks

    Violette Hutchins

    1. Thanks for the enquiry, I have good stocks of allthese volumes just let me know which ones you require.

    2. Thanks for your enquiry, I have good stocks of allthese volumes just let me know which ones you require.

  3. how much are the heron Christie books?

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, the Heron Books Agatha Christie collection is the best complete collection that ever came on the market. I do have a very good collection available on my website.
      Agatha Christie Thriller Collection Complete 40 Volumes Heron ca1976 Price: £215.00
      You can buy this superb collection below;

  4. I have a complete collection of Agatha christie books for sale, unused, if you give me an email address I will send a photo? How much would they be worth. I live in London ? Regards

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, I am always interested in good quality Heron collection, myemail address is and if you email me a contact phone number I will call you.

  5. Could you please advise me if you supply Agatha Christie volumes individually, as I require 8 volumes to complete my collection.

    If so can you please quote price and delivery.

    Many thanks

    R. Adlington

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, my price would depend on which volumes you require if you can send me a list of the volumes you are seeking, I will quote you a price. Best regards

  6. I have 22 Agatha Christie novels. I may be interested in selling them. What would you offer for them?

    Thank you.

    1. I am currently only buying complete collections

  7. Hello, I have the complete set. I have no idea of what it’s value may be. Maybe you could shed so light on this.
    Thanks you

    1. Hi I would really need to see the books to give a valuation, where are the books available for viewing?

  8. I have the complete set in excellent condition. Some of the books don’t even appear to have been read.

    Thank-you for your time, It would be interesting to know what these would be worth.

  9. Do you have for sale, or could you obtain, a complete set of all of Agatha Christie’s mystery novels and short stories?

    1. Hi
      The best published collection is the Heron Books collection which contains 78 Titles, including all 66 Novels and most of the Short Stories.
      I do have this collection available at;

  10. I would like to by complete work of Agatha Christie
    Please give me the price and delivery time

    Nenad Tomljenovic

    1. Sorry, I do not currently have this collection in stock but I do get them in regularly. I have added your requirement to my wants list and will email you when I have a complete collection. Best Regards Charles

  11. […] of red leatherette bound Agatha Christies for christmas. You can find out more about these books here. Within is my set is a Who’s Who. My husband almost didn’t get this one for me because […]

  12. I have the blu set of Agathrla Christie books neve opened

    1. The best way to communicate with me regarding books for sale is via email at

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