John Galsworthy Collection 20 Volumes

John Galsworthy Collection 20 Volumes

John Galsworthy (1867-1933) devoted virtually his entire professional career to creating a fictional but entirely representative family of propertied Victorians- the Forsytes. He made their lives and times- loves and losses- fortunes and deaths so real that readers accused him of including as characters in his drama real individuals whom they knew. He was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1932.

The Forsyte Saga:
The Man Of Property, Indian Summer Of A Forsyte: 312 pp
In Chancery, Awakening, To Let; 471 pp

Forsyte Saga: A Modern Comedy
The White Monkey, A Silent Wooing, The Silver Spoon & Passers By; 479 pp
Swan Song; 257 pp

Forsyte Saga: End Of The Chapter
Maid In Waiting; 315 pp
Flowering Wilderness; 252 pp
Over The River; 291 pp

On Forsyte Change; 292 pp

All eight illustrated by Christopher W.Bradbury

The Dark Flower & Fraternity;
The Country House;
The Patrician
Caravan I
Caravan II
Caravan III
Saints Progress
The Inn Of Tranquility
The Freelands
The Burning Spear: Villa Rubein
The Island Pharisees

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