Heron Great Explorers Series

Heron Great Explorers Series

Great Explorers Series 24 (possibly 27) Volumes

A Voyage Round the World Lord Anson
Peaks Passes and Glaciers E H Blakeney [ed.]
A Pilgrimage To El-Medinah and Meccah Richard F Burton
Captain Cook’s Voyages of Discovery Captain James Cook
Portuguese Voyages 1498 – 1663 Ley,, Charles David [ed.]
Seven Miles Down J Piccard R S Dietz
Exploration Fawcett Lt-Col. P.H. Fawcett
Seven Years in Tibet Harrer, Heinrich
Travels in Tartary and Thibet [Tibet] Huc, Abbe [W. Hazlitt – translator]
The Ascent of Everest John Hunt
Eothen Alexander W. Kinglake
The Oregon Trail Parkman, Francis
The Travels of Marco Polo Marco Polo
Through the Brazilian Wilderness Theodore Roosevelt
Tschiffely’s Ride Tschiffely, A F
Wanderings in South America Waterton, Charles
Travels Livingstone, David. Edited By Dr James I. McNair.
Narrative Of A Journey To The Shores Of The Polar Sea In The Years 1819, 20, 21 And 22 Franklin, John
Journal Of The Discovery Of The Source Of The Nile Speke: John Hanning.:
Unbeaten Tracks in Japan Bird, Isabelle L
The Kon-Tiki Expedition by raft across the south seas Thor Heyerdahl
An Inland Voyage & Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes R L Stevenson
South The Story of Shackleton’s 1914-1917 Expedition Sir Ernest Shackleton
Travels In The Interior Of Africa Mungo Park

The following 3 volumes need to be verified;
Journey Down A Rainbow Priestley, J. B. and Hawkes, Jacquetta
Man on the Moon Mansfield, J M
The Travels Of Sir John Mandeville And The Journal Of Friar Odoric.

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3 thoughts on “Heron Great Explorers Series

  1. I have a copy of The Travels of Sir John Mandeville And The Journal Of Friars Odoric. Are all of these books in both red and blue editions? I have some of each, including both red and blue copies of Lord Anson Voyages

  2. I have what when I bought it some years ago was sold to me as complete and it has the 24 volumes listed. Whether this proves the case is of course still moot.

  3. I was wondering whether anyone can confirm if the 3 books listed above for verification are part of the collection.

    I may have completed my set if they are not.

    Whilst, I can find plenty of different editions for those three titles, I cannot locate any copies that are part of this collection (ie same binding, cover etc)

    In any case, thanks again for what may have been the final book.

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