Wilkie Collins Collection 4 Volumes

Heron Books Wilkie Collins Collection 4 Volumes

William Wilkie Collins was the author of the first detective novels in English. Developing at once detective fiction and the novel of sensation, Collins’ exotic and gripping stories – often involving strong heroines, sinister locales, charlatans, and physical or psychological afflictions – became hugely popular with the reading public. His great novels appeared in the 1860s, when, at the height of his powers, Collins’ wrote The Woman in White (1860), and The Moonstone (1868).

The collection contains four various octavo sized, blue faux-leather bound books by Wilkie Collins, published by Heron Books in the 1960’s, illustrated with portrait frontispieces, the spines have gold lettering and gold ornamental designs on the front covers and endpapers, and have silk bookmarks.

The individual titles included are;

The Moonstone
The Woman In White
Hide and Seek
After Dark

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