Heron Books Index

Heron Books Index

These books were published in two types of binding;

  1. Standard – Faux Leather
  2. DeLuxe – Real Leather/Lambskin with Gilt Page Tops/Edges

The lists below are all Standard binding except where I have stated DeLuxe, some editions were issued in both bindings.

Jane Austen 5 Volumes DeLuxe
Honore de Balzac 3
Enid Blyton (11)
The Brontes 6
Arthur Bryant 4
Cervantes Don Quixote 2
Raymond Chandler 8
Agatha Christie 41
Winston Churchill Second World War 12 Volumes Standard/DeLuxe
Colette 14
Wilkie Collins 4
Joseph Conrad 21
Catherine Cookson 27
Charles Dickens Centennial Edition 36 Volumes Green Standard/ Burgundy Faux DeLuxe/Burgundy Leather with Brown Spine Deluxe(USA Edition?)
Conan Doyle 8
Alexandre Dumas 6
Dick Francis 20
John Galsworthy 20
Graham Greene 20
Thomas Hardy 18
James Herriott 6
Victoria Holt 21
Aldous Huxley 18
Hammond Innes 23
Henry James 10
Rudyard Kipling 13
D H Lawrence 24
Alistair Maclean 22
Macaulay’s History Of England 4 Volumes Standard/ DeLuxe
Somerset Maugham 31/20 Standard/ DeLuxe
Guy de Maupassant 4
Daphne du Maurier 19
J B Priestley 27
Walter Scott 24
William Shakespeare 4 Volumes Standard/ DeLuxe
G B Shaw 4
Nevil Shute 20/23
Georges Simenon 9
Wilbur Smith 15
John Steinbeck 13
R L Stevenson 23
Edgar Wallace 8
H.G. Wells 24
Dennis Wheatley 52
Oscar Wilde 3
P G Wodehouse 20

Greatest Masterpieces of Russian Literature 34+3
French Literature 4
Women Who Made History 30
Men of Destiny 15
Book That Have Changed Man’s Thinking 29
Philosophy 6
Masters of Espionage 25
Poets of The English Language 5
The Literary Heritage Collection 52
The Great Nobel Prizes 12
Great Explorers 24
Six Pillars of Autobiography 6
The March Of History 20
The Story of Civilization 33
The Intellectual & Cultural History of the Western World 6
Tales Of The Sea 4
How Things Work 4
100 Great Thinkers 2


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This Section is a “Work In Progress” and I will endeavour to provide a full listing for each collection over the coming months.

If anyone has knowledge of more volumes in the editions than the number shown above please submit your full list of titles to sales@hcbooksonline and I will endeavour to amend this listing, and provide the full listing for eveyones benefit.

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If you have a large collection of Heron Books to sell please email sales@hcbooksonline.com

Elsewhere on the Web Heron Publications are listed in the Heron Book Catalogue 1982

If you have a collection I have not mentioned above why not let me know and I will add the details to my list.

I know there are some collectors out there with massive collections of Heron books.

Why not post details of your collections and why you collect them, I know there are variations in illustrations for some of the editions?

Are there any other interesting variations?

Please leave your comment below.

35 thoughts on “Heron Books Index

  1. My mother has 21 history of art books which were gifted by her to my late father in the 1960s and 1970s. They are in mint condition and unread and she is looking to sell them. Would be grateful for any advice you can give me. Many thanks.

    1. Sadly there is not much of a market for this particular edition.

  2. My mother has 21 history of art books which were gifted by her to my late father in the 1960s and 1970s. They are in mint condition and unread and she is looking to sell them. Would be grateful for any advice you can give me. Many thanks.

  3. Hi I have the following book collections for sale all in mint/very good condition, would you be interested in making an offer?

    Collected works of Henry James (10 books) (Heron)
    Poets of the English language (5 books) (Heron)
    Women who made history, set of 3 books (Heron)
    HG wells, 3 Books. 1.Kipps, 2. Ann Veronica 3. The war of the worlds/Armageddon/The land ironclads {Heron}

    Readers Digest Condensed Books,
    1. A matter of honour, Ice trek, The long kill, The shining land.
    2. Once upon a land, A mafia kiss, A very quiet place, Peaceable lane.
    3. The fist of god, St Agnes stand, Exposure, And the violins stopped playing.
    4. The keys to the street, Rose, White Viper, Anything considered.
    5. Goldenrod, Surprise party, This time next week, At the going down of the sun.
    6. I start counting, Three in hand, Churchill- the struggle 1940-1965, My boy John that went to sea.
    Odhams condensed,
    1. The Beria papers, The dark side of the island, The ninety second Tiger.
    2. The long pursuit, A girl called fathom, The dust and the heat.

    Many thanks for your time,
    Best regards,
    Ken Harper


    1. Answered by email

  4. Hi – I have 10 of the March of History titles. Could you please advise me where I might get a complete list of what titles there were in this series as I am having trouble finding one. Thank you. Barbara Good

    1. I have now updated the Heron Books Index link to show the full titles that I am aware of. If you have any others please let me know.

  5. I am referring to the Alexandre Dumas set of 6 books which you have listed.
    I have the 2 pairs of books “Twenty Years After” and “The Three Musketeers”.
    Are “The Lady of the Camellias” and “The Black Tulip ” available in the same book pattern?
    “The Lady of the Camellias” is part of the Heron set of the French Classics.

    1. You are correct, I have only seen the 2 pairs of books as you have mentioned the others are part of two different Heron series

  6. I have 18 of the 23 books of the Nevil Shute complete collection. The copyright shows no dates. How would I determine the edition of these copies.
    Thank you,
    George I W escott Jr

  7. hi im just wondering where to sell quite a few of my collection of heron books they are in very good condition and all are leather backed

    1. Please email a list of titles to me at sales@hcbooksonline.com

  8. Hi,

    Wondering if you can help or advise me please.

    I have the Complete Works of W. Somerset Maughan, John Goldsworthy, some others all leather bound and in pristine condition.

    I am getting older and my family have little interest in the books, unfortunately.

    Is there a business like yours in Australia who might be interested in purchasing my books. I cant find one on the internet.

    I am quadriplegic and would appreciate any advice you can offer.



    1. I have emailed you a couple of suggestions.

  9. I have a large collection of Classics in excellent condition, which I am thinking of selling. Of particular interest, since you don’t seem to have listed RD Blackmore, is Lorna Doone. More interesting is that my copy was bound upside down.

    1. I would need a more detailed list of Titles, Publishers and dates.

  10. Hi, do you know what type of plastic material kidron actually consists of, and what it the best way to prevent it drying and cracking?



    (PS And thanks for your interesting and informative website)

    1. Hi Russell, Sadly I do not have any information on kidron or its maintenance other than the obvious keep it out of direct sunlight. i also have a suspicion about the lack of moisture in some centrally heated homes.

  11. I have 27 1968 Heron History of Art books. All but two are in perfect condition – probably have only been opened once. The two that are damaged have tears in the spine.
    Please advise if you would be interested.
    Kind regards
    Mairi Ewen

    1. Sorry this is not a collection that I am interested in at the moment

  12. Hi,
    I came across your site after googling “Books That Have Changed Man’s Thinking” to see if I was missing any. I have 23 of them.

    I also have: The 3 volume “An Intellectual and Cultural History of the Western World” by Harry Elmer Barnes; The 3 volume “War and Peace” by Tolstoy; “The Europeans” by Henry James; and a blue volume of “The Travels Of Marco Polo”. These are not mentioned in your list.

    I collected these as a boy from Heron Books in the 70’s. As a book and knowledge lover they are not for sale, but I thought you may be interested in knowing of these titles which are not mentioned in your list of known Heron works.

    I’m a firm believer in sharing the knowledge.

    I hope this data helps you.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Jacob
      Many thanks for your input I welcome input from anyone who can contribute to the lists on my site.
      I do actually mention War and Peace under The Greatest Masterpieces of Russian Literature and The Europeans under Henry James.
      I have seen a red copy of Marco Polo but the blue one is new to me and has been noted.
      I have also noted the 3 Volume “An Intellectual and Cultural History of the Western World” by Harry Elmer Barnes and will include it as I get time.
      Many thanks Charles

  13. Men of Destiny Series. I possess 14 volumes. These are Lenin (James Maxton); Cecil Rhodes (William Plomer); Robert The Bruce (Eric Linklater); Richard Coeur De Lion ( Clennell Wilkinson); Socrates (A. E. Taylor); St. Augustine (Rebecca West); Casanova (Bonamy Dobree); Leonardo Da Vinci (Clifford Bax); Mozart (Sacheverell Sitwell); Henry VIII (Helen Simpson); Robespierre (G. J. Renier); Charlemagne ( Douglas Woodruff); T. E. Lawrence ( Charles Edmonds); Julius Caesar (John Buchan)

  14. Hi
    My advertising agency in the 60’s had the heron books account. The account Director was George Pickles and our client was an American Mr Joseph

    1. Do you have any contact details as information about Heron Books seems to be about as rare as hens teeth?

  15. Very interesting and useful site.

    I recently bought a collection of Heron “Library of Crime” novels, published in 1982. These are all about a couple of hundred pages, and bound in a black faux leather softcover. I have never seen them before and wondered if you had come across them.

    Yours sincerely

    Robert Brown
    The Winchester Bookshop

    1. I have indeed come across them, it would appear that Heron Books had a delve into paperback publishing although it seemed short lived. I also believe the Dennis Wheatley books appeared in Heron paperback.

  16. Hello, I’ve found your site a great assistance in locating the titles of books when completing collections of books. I’ve just obtained a Robert Louis Stevenson collection of Heron Books. It has 23 volumes, 4 more than you might know about, so I though that I might forward the titles to you to add to your good work!

    The titles are;

    A Footnote to History

    An Inland Voyage & Travels with a Donkey


    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

    Familiar Studies of Men and Books

    In the South Seas


    Letters I

    letters II

    Master of Ballantrae

    Memories and Portraits

    Memoir of Fleeming Jenkins

    New Arabian Nights

    More New Arabian Nights

    Prince Otto

    St. Ives

    The Ameteur Emigrant

    The Black Arrow

    The Ebb Tide

    The Wrecker

    The Wrong Box

    Treasure Island

    Virginibus Peurisque.

    Kind regards,


  17. I have the complete Charles Dickens green Kidron collection. My copy of Our Mutual Friend V1, has pages numbered to 216 then repeated 189 to 216 then 247. Pages 217 to 246 are missing. I have bought a replacement volume off e-bay! I also have the complete set of Churchills History of the Second World War from Heron with embossed “gilt” bust of Churchill on the cover.

    I am looking for the complete set of P.G. Wodehouse from Heron…you do not mention this set on your site.



  18. Hi there, I love what you’re doing for Heron Books. I’m a new recruit to collecting sets and would like to contribute a little to your amazing work, if I may. In relation to the Agatha Christie collection, I actually have 41 books in my collection. There is the “Who’s Who” and 39 books by Agatha Christie herself. In addition to this, in identical binding and printed by Heron Books, I have a copy of “The Mystery of Agatha Christie”, written by Gwen Robyns and dated 1978. While acknowleding that this last book is not by Christie, I feel the identical binding makes it part of the collection!You are probably aware of this anyway!

    With kind regardsand much respect,


    1. Many thanks for your information, I was indeed unaware of this volume and am therefore very grateful for this update. It is always a pleasure making contact with collectors of heron books.

  19. Just to let you know, there are 31 different volumes which were produced by Heron in the one uniform series for the Complete Works of Somerset Maugham – in the Standard (dark blue) faux leather binding.

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