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Heron Books Index

Heron Books Index

These books were published in two types of binding;

  1. Standard – Faux Leather
  2. DeLuxe – Real Leather/Lambskin with Gilt Page Tops/Edges

The lists below are all Standard binding except where I have stated DeLuxe, some editions were issued in both bindings.

Jane Austen 5 Volumes DeLuxe
Honore de Balzac 3
Enid Blyton (11)
The Brontes 6
Arthur Bryant 4
Cervantes Don Quixote 2
Raymond Chandler 8
Agatha Christie 41
Winston Churchill Second World War 12 Volumes Standard/DeLuxe
Colette 14
Wilkie Collins 4
Joseph Conrad 21
Catherine Cookson 27
Charles Dickens Centennial Edition 36 Volumes Green Standard/ Burgundy Faux DeLuxe/Burgundy Leather with Brown Spine Deluxe(USA Edition?)
Conan Doyle 8
Alexandre Dumas 6
Dick Francis 20
John Galsworthy 20
Graham Greene 20
Thomas Hardy 18
James Herriott 6
Victoria Holt 21
Aldous Huxley 18
Hammond Innes 23
Henry James 10
Rudyard Kipling 13
D H Lawrence 24
Alistair Maclean 22
Macaulay’s History Of England 4 Volumes Standard/ DeLuxe
Somerset Maugham 31/20 Standard/ DeLuxe
Guy de Maupassant 4
Daphne du Maurier 19
J B Priestley 27
Walter Scott 24
William Shakespeare 4 Volumes Standard/ DeLuxe
G B Shaw 4
Nevil Shute 20/23
Georges Simenon 9
Wilbur Smith 15
John Steinbeck 13
R L Stevenson 23
Edgar Wallace 8
H.G. Wells 24
Dennis Wheatley 52
Oscar Wilde 3
P G Wodehouse 20

Greatest Masterpieces of Russian Literature 34+3
French Literature 4
Women Who Made History 30
Men of Destiny 15
Book That Have Changed Man’s Thinking 29
Philosophy 6
Masters of Espionage 25
Poets of The English Language 5
The Literary Heritage Collection 52
The Great Nobel Prizes 12
Great Explorers 24
Six Pillars of Autobiography 6
The March Of History 20
The Story of Civilization 33
The Intellectual & Cultural History of the Western World 6
Tales Of The Sea 4
How Things Work 4
100 Great Thinkers 2


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