Colette Collection 14 Volumes

Heron Books Colette Collection 14 Volumes

Colette, full name Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette  (1873—1954), was an outstanding French writer of the first half of the 20th century, whose best novels, largely concerned with the pains and pleasures of love, are remarkable for their command of sensual description. Best known as the author of Gigi.

Claudine at School
Claudine In Paris/ Chance Acquaintances
Claudine Married/ Bella Vista/ Gribiche/ Green Sealing Wax/ Armande
Claudine and Annie/ The Rendezvous/ The Patriarch/ The Kepi/ The Tender Shoot
Creatures Great and Small
The Cat/ The Vagabond
My Apprenticeships/ Music-Hall Sidelights
Gigi/ Cheri
The Last of Cheri and Stories (The Sick Child /The Photographer’s Misus / The Rainy Moon)
The Pure and The Impure/ The Innocent Libertine
My Mothers House/ Sido
The Shackle/ Break of Day
The Other One/ The Blue Lantern
Julie de Carneilhan/ Mitsou

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