Charles Dickens Centennial Edition c.1970

The Complete Works of Charles Dickens The Centennial Edition

Published by Heron Books in 1970 to celebrate 100 years after the death of Dickens, this was a superb complete set of Charles Dickens Works. This set came in three editions, namely the Standard Green Faux Morocco Leather Edition, the De-Luxe Burgundy Soft Faux Calf Leather Edition and the Quarter Brown/Burgundy Full Leather Edition with Gilt Portrait and Dickens Signature To Front Cover (USA edition?).

The export(?) edition can be seen at Dickens Centennial Edition

The novels were illustrated by a mixture of the brilliant work of the original illustrators – Phiz, Tenniel, Cruikshank etc. and some modern contemporary illustrators.

This set was primarily sold by Mail Order Subscription with back copies always available. Each Novel Came With A Novel Summary giving a Short Introduction And Providing A Short Summary Of The Novel

This Classic Set Comprised Of The Following 36 Volumes;

  • A Child’s History of England
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • American Notes/ Pictures from Italy
  • Barnaby Rudge I
  • Barnaby Rudge II
  • Bleak House I
  • Bleak House II
  • Christmas Books
  • Christmas Stories I
  • Christmas Stories II
  • David Copperfield I
  • David Copperfield II
  • Dombey & Son I
  • Dombey & Son II
  • Great Expectations
  • Hard Times
  • Little Dorrit I
  • Little Dorrit II
  • Martin Chuzzlewit I
  • Martin Chuzzlewit II
  • Miscellaneous Papers I
  • Miscellaneous Papers II
  • Nicholas Nickleby I
  • Nicholas Nickleby II
  • Oliver Twist
  • Our Mutual Friend I
  • Our Mutual Friend II
  • Pickwick Papers I
  • Pickwick Papers II
  • Reprinted Pieces
  • Sketches by Boz I
  • Sketches by Boz II
  • The Mystery of Edwin Drood/Master Humphrey’s Clock
  • The Old Curiosity Shop I
  • The Old Curiosity Shop II
  • The Uncommercial Traveller


  • Publisher Heron Books, London; 1970
  • Standard Set – Green Kidron (Faux Morocco Leather), Decorative Board And Spine, With Title In Gilt Lettering, Gilt Design On Front Board And Yellow Ribbon Marker.
  • De-Luxe Set – Burgundy Faux Soft Calf Leather, Gilt Page Tops, Decorative Board And Spine, With Title In Gilt Lettering, Gilt Design On Front Board And Red Silk Ribbon Marker.
  • Export Set? – Quarter Full Brown/Burgundy Leather with Gilt Portrait and Dickens Signature To Front Cover, Full Gilt Page Edges, Yellow Ribbon Marker.
  • Superbly Illustrated Throughout
  • Individual Book Size 210 x130mm

Specific Points to Look Out For When Buying This Set;

  • The covers on the Green Faux Leather Edition can dry out giving a tendency to split the cover at the external folds near the spine, you may also find losses at the edges where the Kidron has gone brittle.
  • It is fairly common to find loss of Gilding to the Titles, this has two known causes, 1) Fading by Sunlight, 2) Fading by Poor Cleaning as the Gilt can Rub Off

Browse Dickens Heron Books at Heron Dickens Books

If you are missing any volume from either of these sets then it is always worth while sending me an email of your requirements as I do have many duplicate individual copies which may not always be listed.

If you have a Set or Part Set For Sale, why not email me at;

45 thoughts on “Charles Dickens Centennial Edition c.1970

  1. Hello,
    Do you have any suggestions regarding the upkeep of the Heron Centennial edition of the Complete Works of Charles Dickens, the faux leather green set?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi, I have a complete set of the standard copy, I am very interested in selling.

  3. Hello, I have recently been sorting through my Grandfather’s belongings and found he has the Green Kidron collection however it seems to be missing Miscellaneous Papers volumes 1 and 2. Are these still available to complete the collection? Many Thanks.

  4. I have a complete set of the standard edition in green Kidron but ‘Reprinted Notes’ has a damaged spine so I am looking to replace that one volume. Do you have it in stock?

    1. Yes I do have one in stock, offer reply sent by email

  5. Hi,
    I have the complete Centennial Edition set by Heron Books in green, bar Christmas Books as I loaned it to someone and it was never returned to me :( Just wondering if you would have a copy for sale.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,

    1. Unfortunately I do not currently have this title in stock.

  6. Hi,

    I have the complete set in burgundy/red they are in immaculate condition! I just wondered if you could give me a valuation? Not looking to sell as it was past down by my nan.

    Many thanks in advance for your help!
    Kind regards


    1. Sorry, I am unable to give a valuation without actually seeing the books. There is no huge value in this book club collection.

  7. Hi, I have all 36 of the complete works of Charles Dickens in the green leather cover. Would anyone know a rough value as interested in selling. Many thanks

    1. Hi Thanks for your enquiry, I have sent you a reply by email

  8. I just received a beautiful set of the Green Faux Morocco Leather Edition. Looking to sell. Missing Miscellaneous Papers I, Miscellaneous Papers II. Email me at ppfrcnj AT if you are interested. Taking offers.

    1. Hi Thanks for your enquiry, I have sent you a reply by email

  9. I think i have 3 of export edition of these books, they have no date at all, ISBN, any value in them. I see a lot of the green ones for sale, but none of the red versions.

    1. Hi Thanks for your enquiry, I have sent you a full reply by email

  10. I have three books of Charles Dickens Centennial Edition
    Two of the books are Complete Works and one is David

    The books are in excellent condition…green faux leather.

    I am interested in knowing the value, if any, should I decide
    to sell them.

    Thank you.

    1. There is little value in these books individualy.

  11. Your above list of 36 titles refers; it is aspire to list the 16 volumes that I have, so you can tell me how much the remaining titles I am missing, would cost me. I have, and want Standard Green.

    American Notes / Pictures from Italy
    A tale of two cities
    Christmas Stories, I and II
    David copperfi elf, I and II
    Edwin Drood / Master humphreys
    Great exp citations
    Nicholas nickleby I and II
    Old curiosity shop I and II
    Oliver Twist
    Sketches by box I
    Pic kick papers I and II

    So, I have 16 but need 20 more. Please excuse auto correction of tablet, butchering the spelling. Thanks for your time! Cost of books, plus shipping, etcetra, to Alberta, Canada, please.

    Matt McIsaac
    780-739-1234 phone

    1. I can offer you 17 of the missing volumes for £102 plus £45 shipping to Canada. Full details sent by separate email.

  12. I have the complete set in Standard Green Faux Morocco Leather Edition and would like to know if you can tell me what it is worth or how much you will give me for it. I don’t have it on internet as yet. Was a difficult disicion to sell. you can contact me on or also as I don’t have data for my gmail at the moment or phone me on 081 029 0597.

    Thank You
    Kind Regards,

  13. Hi, I have 32 off Charles Dickens complete works published by Heron books and 12 off Thomas Hardy books I would like to sell. Is this something you would be interested in buying? Regards, Andrea

  14. Hello, I have just come across your website while looking up on the complete works of Charles dickens.
    I have got 33 books of this collection and wondered if you would be interested in buying them or if you could make my collection up to the 36 books then I could sell them on eBay
    Paul crook

    1. I am currently only purchasing complete collections. If you let me know which ones are missing I can give you a quote.

  15. I have a collection of 16 Dickens bought as a set, printed 1961- I think the cover is faux leather and very reasonable condition. Can you give me a rough idea of the value please?
    many thanks

    1. It is almost impossible to value a set of books without actually seeing them, as a very rough guide check the internet for a similar copy in similar condition, but be warned some internet copies may be grossly over priced.

  16. Full set of Charles Dickens Centennial Edition by Heron Books to sell

    1. Sadly the bottom has currently fallen out of the market for this particular edition.

  17. We are looking for Little Dorritt II in the Centennial Edition. Is this an example of one of your spares which we could purchase?

    Many thanks

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry re. Little Dorritt II in the Centennial Edition.
      Can you let me know which cover you are looking for eg. Green or Red/Maroon

  18. I have been given a number of Heron collections to sell for a charity, all in excellent condition. Would you be interested? If so indicate a price and a suggested method of despatch/collection from N Wales. I will happily give more information.
    Please note email address will change in 1-2 weeks. Will update if your reply positive.
    1. Women who made history (9 vol,)
    2. Literary Heritage (18)
    3. Complete Dickens (Centennial – Green) (36)
    4. (Works of literature – series title not known) (12)
    5. Poets of the English Language (5)
    6. Men of Destiny (4)
    7. 100 great thinkers (2)
    8. Books that have changed Man’s thinking (2)
    Plus various singles.

    1. I have replied by email

  19. I have a set of Heron Books’ Charles Dickens Works which is complete save for Miscellaneous Papers Vol. 1 and 2. They are in excellent condition generally but some books show fading of gilt titles on spines. One book is quite badly faded and four slightly faded, I imagine, by sunlight.
    They form part of the Centennial Edition and were purchased by monthly subscription and are bound in green faux leather. Some volumes show brown stains on exposed page ends but Kidron covers and face boards and edges are all perfect and gilding is bright except on several volume spines as mentioned above.
    I wish to dispose of them as my family are no longer interested in keeping them. I would be grateful for your advice in selling them
    Michael Rowley

  20. I have a set of the Dickens. Is there any value? I may wish to rid myself of these books.

    1. I have sent you a reply by email

  21. hallo,
    i am searching for Charles Dickens Centennial Edition c:1970 in Standard Green Faux Leather (Heron Books)
    I am interested in The Old Curiosity Shop 1+2…

    Thankyou for your attention to my enquiry

    Barry Rooke

  22. I have the complete works of centennial edition of Charles Dickens I am thinking about selling. Please email for more information.

    1. I have emailed you my reply.

  23. I have 23 volumes of Dickens centenial edition and am interested in selling them.
    Perhaps you would be interested and let me know a price.

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, I have replied by email

  24. Good afternoon, I have a 36 set Charles Dickens The Centennial Editions. And I am looking for somebody to sell them too. There in amazing condition they were an unwanted gift. I would like you to get back to me on 07954426649 or the email.

    Many Thanks

    Tony McAndrew

    1. The best way to contact me is to email me at

  25. I have a complete set of Charles Dickens They are the faux green leather Centennial Edition by Heron Books. They are in immaculate as new condition some have not been opened or read!Leather is in perfect ciondition as is the embossing

    1. Sadly shipping from Australia would not make this a viable purchase.

  26. I am looking for 8 books to complete my son’s set of this collection- Nicholas Nickoby I & II, A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twisty, Pickwick Papers I & II, and David Copperfield I & II

    1. No problem meeting your requirements, please advise which colour cover you require, the two most known options are the green and the red/burgundy colours.

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