Dennis Wheatley Collection 1972-1977 52 Volumes

The 52 Volume Dennis Wheatley Collection


Superb Dennis Wheatley Collection

A library of witchcraft and adventure. Dennis Wheatley, storyteller supreme, made a lifelong study of the occult. His meticulous research into the black arts reveals almost unbelievable sorcery. He warned. ‘By participating in Satanic Rites, however sham, one can make oneself a focus for Evil.’ No writer cared more about authenticity. He wrote adventure stories, with many books in a series of linked works. His plots covered the French Revolution (Roger Brook Series), Satanism (Duke de Richleau), World War II (Gregory Sallust) and Espionage (Julian Day).

In the 1960s his publishers were selling a million copies of his books per year.

If you are looking at adding to your collection please email me at with your requirements, as I always have a large selection of titles available not all of which may be currently listed.

This Classic Set Comprised Of The Following 52 Volumes;

  • The Devil Rides Out
  • The Launching Of Roger Brook
  • The Satanist
  • They Found Atlantis
  • The Forbidden Territory
  • The Scarlet Impostor
  • To The Devil—A Daughter
  • The Prisoner In The Mask
  • The Shadow Of Tyburn Tree
  • Faked Passports
  • The Ka Of Gifford Hillary
  • The Eunuch Of Stamboul
  • Strange Conflict
  • The Quest Of Julian Day
  • The Black Baroness
  • Uncharted Seas
  • The Rising Storm
  • The Man Who Killed The King
  • V For Vengeance
  • The Haunting Of Toby Jugg
  • The Fabulous Valley
  • The Second Seal
  • Come Into My Parlour
  • The Golden Spaniard
  • Unholy Crusade
  • The Dark Secret Of Josephine
  • Traitors’ Gate
  • The Sword Of Fate
  • Mayhem In Greece
  • Three Inquisitive People
  • Mediterranean Nights
  • They Used Dark Forces
  • The Rape Of Venice
  • Contraband
  • Vendetta In Spain
  • The Sultan’s Daughter
  • Codeword – Golden Fleece
  • The Wanton Princess
  • The White Witch Of The South Seas
  • Bill For The Use Of A Body
  • Evil In A Mask
  • The Island Where Time Stands Still
  • Gateway To Hell
  • Curtain Of Fear
  • The Ravishing Of Lady Mary Ware
  • Black August
  • Dangerous Inheritance
  • The Irish Witch
  • Desperate Measures
  • The Secret War
  • Such Power Is Dangerous
  • The Strange Story Of Linda Lee

The last three titles in the above list were produced by Leisure Arts Ltd, London in 1977 all the other titles were produced by Edito-Service S.A., Geneva between 1972 and 1975


  • Publisher Heron Books, London; 1972-1977
  • Bound in Red Faux Leather with Gilt and Black Decoration and Yellow Silk Ribbon Marker.
  • Superbly Illustrated Throughout
  • Individual Book Size 210 x130mm

Specific Points to Look Out For When Buying This Set;

  • The covers on this edition can dry out giving a tendency to split the cover at the external folds near the spine, also you may sometimes find losses at the edges.
  • It is fairly common to find loss of Gilding to the Titles, this has two causes, 1) Fading by Poor Cleaning as the Gilt can Rub Off, 2) Fading by Sunlight

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27 thoughts on “Dennis Wheatley Collection 1972-1977 52 Volumes

  1. I am interested in purchasing a complete set of Dennis Wheatley’s novels preferably in hard back – can anyone help?

    1. I have a set of 46 dennis wheatley books. they are the red and gold “leather” books. they are as new. Only a couple have been read.

      1. Are these books in the UK?

    2. I have a complete set of hardback volumes of Wheatley’s work, all in Brilliant Condition, leather red with gold gilt , if you want to e mail, I’m open to offers, any monies will be going to charity.

      1. Are these books anywhere near Leeds, West Yorks?

    3. I have the full 52 books in the set and you can have them for £50 (pp not included)

      1. Are these books anywhere near Leeds, West Yorks?

    4. Hi have a full set of red leather dennis wheatly gold first editions if you are interested how can i message you please

  2. I may be intyerested in purchasing a set of the Dennis Wheatley books. What is the price please?

    Cheers, Colin

    1. Hi, Thanks for your enquiry and apologies for the delay in replying. I do have a complete 52 volume collection available and the price is £250, shipping for the 26 kg to Australia would cost £170 (this is a very heavy collection). Regards Charles

  3. I have also got about 10 of these, would just like a ballpark figure in terms of value if possible, please?

    1. There is little value in incomplete sets

  4. I have 48 of these in very good condition. Are they of any value? Thanks

    1. This is a difficult set to sell more so if it is not complete. There is no huge value as it stands.

  5. I have a collection of about 15 How much could i get for them

    1. Sadly these are not very saleable

  6. I have the full set in brilliant condition… what would be the value?

    1. I will reply by email

  7. Hi I have the 52 volume Heron Set in very good condition, would be interested in value as would like to sell the complete set.

    1. I currently have several of these in stock so not interested at this time.

  8. I have this very same set of 52 books in the same red leather, exactly as mentioned above…..all pristine condition….Would be interested in knowing their value with a view to selling the complete set….

    Please advise….

    Thank you

    1. I have replied by email

  9. hi,i am from India,i want to buy this collection.
    so plz tell me the price,i am highly interested in it.


    1. Hi I have sent you a reply by email

  10. please could you give an idea of what the value of his books are now. thankyou.

  11. I am interested in adding to my Dennis Wheatley collection. If I list all the titles I have will you send me all the ones I am missing please? Thanks Gareth.

    1. No problem just send me the list by email and I will send you a quotation by return. Best Regards Charles

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