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Over the coming months of 2011 it is my intention to document the various superb collections that were published by Heron Books in the 60’s,  70’s and 80’s.

My objective is to supplement the already good work at the Heron publications as listed in the Heron Book Catalogue 1982 website. Anyone wishing to contribute to this documentation is welcome to do so.

My efforts so far can be found by clicking on Heron Books Index

View Heron Books Documentation at the Dennis Wheatley website

Edito-Service / Heron Books were responsible throughout the 60s, 70s and early 80s for publishing ‘Collectors Editions’ of famous authors, including Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Aldous Huxley, Alistair MacLean, Wilbur Smith and many many others. These books were sold by Mail Order and were advertised mainly in the Sunday Newspaper Supplements.

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If you have a Set or Part Set For Sale, why not email me at; sales@hcbooksonline.com

12 thoughts on “Heron Books Collections

  1. Hi, my parents bought what they thought was a complete set of “The Story of Civilization” by Will Durant in the “70’s. In the process of selling the books we have realised that Heron Books left out a volume of the 33 volumes, The Life of Greece, volume 3 and duplicated The Age of Faith, volume 2! Would you possibly have a copy of The Life of Greece, Volume 3?

  2. I have been in contact with you before.
    Do you have the Heron Books ‘The Black Tulip’ and ‘The Lady of the Camelias’ from the Alexandre Dumas set?

  3. i have a part set of the heron set of books by dennis wheatley and i would like to know the value.

  4. The 13 Book Collection of Dennis Wheatley. What books are in it please?

    1. Many thanks for your enquiry, apologies for the delay in replying.
      I currently have 51 of the 52 Heron Dennis WHeatley collection with duplicates of most of them.
      I can offer you any number from the following list except for “The Secret War”

  5. set of heron alastair macleans for sale about 16 in total, hard back execellent condition

    1. I am currently only purchasing complete collections

  6. Have following books for sale : Agatha Christie x 28 paperback with original covers
    Neville Shute x 14 [9 with hard cover
    Len Deighton x 4 Colin Forbes x 13 Morris West x 8
    Robert Ludlum x 9 Wilber Smith x 18

    All in good condition
    Look forward to hearing if you are interested?


    1. Unfortunately shipping costs from Australia would not make this a cost effective purchase. Many thanks for your interest.

  7. I collected the Charles Dickens set in the 1980s. I have 30 books in pristine condition and now know that I am missing the following titles

    A Child’s History of England
    American Notes/ Pictures from Italy
    Our Mutual Friend I
    Our Mutual Friend II
    Reprinted Pieces
    The Old Curiosity Shop I

    Is it worth trying to find these editions to complete the set?

    1. Hi Maureen I always have these items in stock. Just give me a call on 0113 273 2025.

  8. Many thanks for your superb Heron Books index.
    There is so little information about this prolific publisher that any contribution is welcome. Keep up the good work.

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