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Gift A Book For Christmas – 2 Books Under £20

Gift A Book For Christmas – 2 – Books Under £20

If you are on a budget and don’t have huge funds to spend on books, there are over 2,000 beautiful books for less than £20 on my website

£6.99 Acting and Stagecraft Made Simple Bowskill 1973 Click To View


Alpine Climbing On Foot and With Ski Wedderburn Open Air ca1936 – A text book for the climber of some experience climbing in Britian who is contemplating an Alpine Holiday Click To View

A Little Book Of Language David Crystal Yale UP 2010 – From an infant’s first words to the peculiar dialect of text messaging the book reveals the story of language to be a captivating tale for all ages. Click To View

Scottish Songs Findlater Campbell Lomond Books 2003
Click To View

Scottish Songs Findlater Campbell Lomond Books 2003 – A collection of more than 80 traditional compositions arranged for voice and piano. Click To View


London Ward Lock Illustrated Guide 2008 – Originally published in the early 1950’s, all information is from a pre-1960’s edition. Click To View

Little Men Louisa M Alcott Collins Classics 1960 – The third book in the Little Women series. Click To View

The Outing Dylan Thomas Dent 1974 – First published 1955 in ‘A Prospect of the Sea.’ under the title ‘A Story’, this was the first separate edition. Click To View


Churchill The Man of the Century Neil Ferrier 1955 – A pictorial biography detailing his life and career. Click To View

E=mc2 Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation Bodanis 2000 – In this fascinating ‘biography’ David Bodanis tells the story of one of the greatest scientific discoveries in history. Click To View

A Dictionary of British History Secker & Warburg 1981 – The book covers the history of the British Isles and its overseas possessions from the Roman conquest until 1970. Click To View

Private Angelo by Eric Linklater Cape 1949
Click To View

Private Angelo by Eric Linklater Cape 1949 – Seriously funny and one of my favourite reads. Click To View

My Lively Lady Alec Rose Nautical Publishing 1968 – Alec Rose`s own story which includes two heroines, his boat `Lively Lady`, and Dorothy his wife. Click To View

Arms of the County Councils of Scotland David Patton Argyll 1977 – Full page colour plates of Council arms, with heraldic explanations. Click To View


Edward Lear’s Nonsense Omnibus Warne c1966 – With all the original pictures, verses and stories. Click To View

A Social History Of Nineteenth-Century France Price Holme Meier 1987 – This book argues that the social impact of the French Revolution has been greatly exaggerated, and that in 1815 France was still predominantly a rural and pre-industrial society. Click To View

Tropic of Capricorn Henry Miller Guild 1988 – A riotous and explosive mixture of joys and frustrations, Tropic of Capricorn chronicles Miller’s early life in New York, from his repressive Brooklyn childhood spent amongst ‘a galaxy of screwballs’ to frantic, hilarious years of dead-end jobs and innumerable erotic adventures. Click To View


A World Too Vast Columbus Alexander McKee 1990
Click To View

A World Too Vast Columbus Alexander McKee 1990 – The Four Voyages of Columbus. Illustrated with colour photographs, contemporary woodcuts, engravings and maps. Click To View

A Speech On The Death Of King George The Fifth 1936 – Broadcast from London by the Prime Minister on Tuesday 21st 1936 Click To View

Villette Charlotte Bronte Everymans 1992 – Charlotte Bronte’s most autobiographical novel. Click To View


Napoleon His Wives and Women Christopher Hibbert HarperCollins 2002 – Entertaining biography of Napoleon Bonaparte – looking at his relationships with his wives, mistresses and women. Click To View

The Secret History Procopius Folio Society 1990 – The Secret History covers roughly the same years as the first seven books of the History of Justinian’s Wars and appears to have been written after they were published. Click To View

Monkeys In The Dark Blanche dAlpuget Aurora 1980 – Novel based in troubled Indonesia. Click To View

Sermons and Soda-Water John O’Hara Cresset 1961 – These sermons admirably fulfil their author’s intention, which is to record the way people talked and felt during the troubled interim from the end of one world war to the end of another. Click To View

Muddied Oafs The Last Days of Rugger Richard Beard Yellow Jersey 2003 – There is Rugby Union: the fast, compelling, TV-friendly combat sport in which sponsored gladiators are sold on their ability to crash into each other at top speed, and sometimes even to avoid each other and score. And then there’s Rugger! Click To View


Alexander Solzhenitsyn A Century In His Life Thomas Little Brown 1998 – This is as much a disturbing, haunting history of the twentieth century as it is a biography of a great novelist. Click To View

My Work at the Surete Jean Belin Harrap 1950 – From police constable to Commissioner, including much on his battles with the Gestapo in WW2 & with the fascist Cagoulards & Petainists. Click To View

Click To View

Edmund Dulac Birthday Book Hodder and Stoughton 1981 – Ten page introduction to Edmund Dulac with a blank twelve month birthday book with four days to a page. Click To View

Atlas of Medieval Europe Routledge 1998 – The book’s maps covers the period from the fall of the Roman Empire through to the beginning of the Renaissance. Click To View

Arthurian Legends Coghlan Claremont Books 1996 – In this book Ronan Coghlan has examined all the different strands of the Arthurian myth, bringing together material from a wide range of sources such as Geoffrey of Monmouth, Malory, Chrétien de Troyes, the Mabinogion and the English Gawain Cycles. Click To View

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Anita Loos Folio Society 1990 – The Intimate Diary of a Professional Lady is a comic novel written by Anita Loos. Click To View

Point Counter Point Aldous Huxley Folio Society 1958 – Huxley characterizes the symptoms of “the disease of modern man” in the manner of a composer — themes and characters are repeated, altered slightly, and played off one another in a tone that is at once critical and sympathetic. Click To View


Secret Societies David V Barrett Godsfield Press 2008 – The book explores the covert societies that have exerted power and influence over millions of people throughout history. Click To View

A Summer In Lochaber Catriona Fforde 2002 – The history of the first of the Jacobite Risings – not the 1715 rebellion but that of the summer of 1689. Click To View

Complete Illustrated Works Shakespeare Bath Press 1988 – The illustrations in this volume are taken from various classic editions of the plays and from paintings on Shakespearean themes. Click To View

The Venus of Konpara John Masters Michael Joseph 1960 – A moving and exciting tale of six people in search of an ancient Indian statue and the tumultuous effect the search has on their lives. Click To View


Cities and Civilisations Christopher Hibbert Folio Society 2003
Click To View

Cities and Civilisations Christopher Hibbert Folio Society 2003 – This is a chronological study of the world’s cities, ranging from Thebes to Sydney and Rome to Moscow. Click To View

Cheri Colette Folio Society 1963 – Set in the ‘demi-monde’ of the Parisian courtesans before World War One, it tells the story of Lea an aging courtesan who has for a number of years been teaching Frederic Pelous (Cheri) a handsome, spoilt, sardonic young man about love. Click To View


The Toynbee Convector Ray Bradbury Grafton 1989 – An old woman learns what it truly means to believe in ghosts in ”On the Orient, North”; another woman discovers a mysterious ”Trapdoor” in a house she has occupied for years; and an old man attempts to change his own past in ”A Touch of Petulance” in this new collection of 23 stories by one of sf’s grand masters. Click To View


The Norse Atlantic Saga Gwyn Jones Oxford 1965 – Being the Norse Voyages of Discovery and Settlement to Iceland, Greenland, and America documented by Professor Gwyn Jones. Click To View

Aylmer Court Henly Arden Wells Gardner Darton 1894
Click To View

Aylmer Court Henly Arden Wells Gardner Darton 1894 – A novel set in the time of Cromwell. Click To View

Voyages to the Moon and the Sun Cyrano de Bergerac Folio Society 1991 – Originally published in 1657 and 1662, respectively, the novels combined science fiction and political satire. Click To View

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