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You can reach us by email at:

You can reach us by telephone:

Landline within UK: 0113 273 20 25, from outside UK: +44 (0)113 273 20 25
(if no answer, please leave your name and number and I will get back to you)

UK mobile (cell phone) 07906141101 Andrew

If contacting us by phone please check the time zones beforehand.
We are usually available for incoming calls 9 am – 5 pm, Mon-Fri, UK local time.

Telephone Ordering Now Available
Just Phone 0113 273 20 25
(if no answer, please leave your name and number and I will get back to you)

Our Mailing Address is:

HCBOOKS online
97 Whinmoor Crescent
West Yorkshire
LS14 1EQ
United Kingdom

I have customers currently waiting for the following;

  • Winston Chruchill, The World Crisis, The Folio Society,
  • Heron Books Complete Agatha Christie Collection 39 volumes

If you have any of these that you want to sell or indeed any Folio Society collections or Heron Books collection then please contact me

Link to my website

16 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi,

    May I make a suggestion? It would be very helpful for your customers abroad if you had a WhatsApp number listed here. Just now I’ve been unable to contact you to follow up on a detail of my order from where I am based due to complications with my mobile provider in making international calls.


  2. Hi. I received today the first book I ordered from you, and I want to say simply that the service you provided has been splendid. I plan to be a customer of yours again soon and often. (Not sure if this is the place for feedback!)

  3. I have a set of three Byzantium books : 1) The Early Centuries, 2)The Apogee and 3) The Decline and Fall and would like an idea of what they’re worth. I am in Canada. They are of the Folio Society. As new! Thank you.

  4. i have a Heron Books 9th edition (1967) copy of Chutchill’s Second World War and am looking to obtain the four additonal editions namely Resolution, Defiance, Magnanimity and Goodwill. Are these avalilable and at what cost?
    Gordon Lawrence

  5. I have the following books for sale:
    Jazz Records , 1897 to 1931. A – Z Brian Rust
    Jazz Records 1932 to 1942. A-Z Brian Rust
    Blues & Gospel Records 1902 t0 1942. RMW Dixon and J Godrich.
    I do not know whether you stock this type of book, but if you do not, would you kindly point me in the direction I should take.

  6. Sir,
    I am interested in the Heron Leather Jane Austen pale blue collection of her books. Do you currently have any available? If not, might you know when a collection may come in? Thank you.
    Bettina Tobin

  7. Hi, I have A Christmas Carol illustrated by Harold Copping. There is an inscription in ink inside the on the first page. “Best Wishes E F Walters 1912” She was my Great Aunt. The book is in not bad condition for its age at all. All illustrations are intact. Would you be interested in this if not have you an idea of the value?

    1. Thanks for the enquiry, this is not something that I would be interested in at this time.

  8. Hi. I have many green (Dickens, Lawrence) and two red (Dostoevsky) Heron faux leather books. I love them, but on some of them the front boards are cracking away from the spine where the crease is located. The front board of Crime and Punishment is only holding on by a couple of material threads. Can anyone recommend how to care for these faux leather books and stop or at least slow down the separation of the front boards. I live in Australia so unfortunately the books are exposed to some very hot days even thought they are not in the sun. Would using some leather conditioner help? Thankyou!

  9. Great selection of books, especially Folio Society, but it would be really helpful if Out of Stock books are removed from the list. I have tried to buy several recently only to find they are Out of Stock.
    Currently looking for the 2012 Anniversary edition of A Tale of Two Cities from the Folio Society if you come across one.

  10. Unfortunately these are out of stock.

  11. I was a regular customer of Heron Books back in the 70s/80s and have many collections or part collections. My priority is Agatha Christie and I have 28 volumes + the Who’s Who bound volume.
    I would like to complete the collection if possible. I see you have full collections but do you have any single volumes from this set? If yes, please contact me as I would be interested in any that I am missing.

    1. Yes I do stock single volumes, please email me on with a list of titles that you require and I will get back to you.

  12. I am looking to find the books, The Owl Service. and A Kestral For A Knave.
    Would you have these two in stock?
    Many thanks,
    Ray Dickson.

    1. Sorry neither currently in stock.

  13. Do you ship to Czech Republic?

    1. Yes, I am in the process of setting up the shipping matrix

  14. I have 27 charles dickens heron books greem faux leather code 086225 083 8 is there any value to them never used.

    1. The full collection has 36 volumes, part collections are of little value

  15. Hi, I have a limited edition book if you have any interest in it?

    It is called “The Destruction of Dublin” by Frank McDonald

    1. Thanks for your enquiry, this is not a book that I would be interested in.

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