Biographical Edition 1903 onwards

The Biographical Edition of the Works of Charles Dickens in Nineteen Volumes.

The Biographical Edition, edited by Arthur Waugh, father of Evelyn Waugh, with his introduction in each volume. Waugh had been appointed managing director of Chapman and Hall in 1902 and wasted no time in capitalizing on the firm’s most famous asset.

Original 19 volume set, was supplemented with two additional volumes “Miscellaneous Papers” and “Life of Charles Dickens” by John Forster all in uniform green buckram binding with gilt lettering on spine and gold crest on front cover.

Volume 1: Sketches by Boz, 1906, 40 illustrations by Cruikshank.

Volume 2: Pickwick Papers, no date, 43 illustrations by Seymour and Phiz.

Volume 3: Oliver Twist, 1906, 24 illustrations by Cruikshank.

Volume 4: Nicholas Nickleby, 1906 39 illustrations by Phiz.

Volume 5: The Old Curiosity Shop, no date, 75 illustrations by Cattermole and Browne.

Volume 6: Barnaby Rudge, 1905, 76 illustrations by cattermole and Phiz.

Volume 7: Martin Chuzzlewit, 1905, 40 illustrations by Phiz.

Volume 8: American Notes, Pictures from Italy, and Child’s History of England, 1906, 16 illustrations by Marcus Stone.

Volume 9: Christmas Books and Hard Times, 1906, 68 illustrations by Landseer, Maclise, Stanfield, Leech, Doyle and Walker.

Volume 10: Dombey and Son, 1903, 40 illustrations by Phiz.

Volume 11: David Copperfield, 1907, 40 illustrations by Phiz.

Volume 12: Bleak House, no date, 40 illustrations by Phiz.

Volume 13: Little Dorrit, 1906, 40 illustrations by Phiz.

Volume 14: Christmas Stories and Other Stories, 1906, 34 illustrations Dalziel, Green, Mahony, Phiz, and Cattermole.

Volume 15: Tale of Two Cities, 1906, 16 illustrations by Phiz.

Volume 16: Great Expectations and Uncommercial Traveller, 1906, 16 illustrations Marcus Stone and J. C. Pinwell.

Volume 17: Our Mutual Friend, no date, 40 illustrations by Marcus Stone.

Volume 18: Edwin Drood and Reprinted Pieces, 1907, 16 illustrations by Luke Fields and F. Walker.

Volume 19: Collected Papers, 1906, 16 illustrations by Phiz, 3 by Cruikshank and a portrait.

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