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Books As Christmas Presents 1 – The Superb Heron Books Collections

Gift A Book For Christmas 5 – The Superb Heron Books Collections

Heron Books / Edito-Service were responsible throughout the 1960s, 70s and early 80s for publishing ‘Collectors Editions’ of famous authors (illustrated, with introductions, decorated leatherette covers, silk bookmark, rarely dated, with some leather Special Editions). The books were sold directly through newspaper advertisements on a monthly, something like a book club, basis. The books were sold on a Free Approval basis with never any commitment to buy either the volume sent or any further volumes. Heron Books were phenomenally successful in their time and claimed that they sold approaching 100 million volumes world wide.

As well as substantial Author Specific collections they also produced a variety of sets such as; Masters of Espionage, a terrific collection of 20 top spy novels; Books That Changed Man’s Thinking, a 29 volume collection of some of the most significant and powerful books ever written; Poets Of The English Language, a 5 volume anthology spanning 600 years; Women Who Made History, a 20 volume collection of women of note; and Men of Destiny, no details for this collection as yet.

And lets not forget the superb 39 Volume Agatha Christie Thriller Collection.

Currently Selling – Several Complete Agatha Christie collections, Joseph Conrad, Hammond Innes, Alistair Maclean, Somerset Maugham, J B Priestley, D H Lawrence, Nevil Shute, Colette, Rudyard Kipling, John Galsworthy, Wilbur Smith, John Steinbeck, Daphne Du Maurier, Robert Louis Stevenson, etc.

Gift Suggestion – Why not put your own collection together? If you are interested in more than one book as a gift then please email me with your selections and I will confirm availability and give you a Special Price

Browse More at Heron Books

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Books As Christmas Presents 6 – The Collected Works of Dennis Wheatley

Books As Christmas Presents 3

The Collected Works of Dennis Wheatley

A library of witchcraft and adventure.

Dennis Wheatley Very Good Collection Heron Books Complete 52 Volumes c1972
52 Volume Dennis Wheatley

Dennis Wheatley, storyteller supreme, made a lifelong study of the occult. His meticulous research into the black arts reveals almost unbelievable sorcery. He warned. ‘By participating in Satanic Rites, however sham, one can make oneself a focus for Evil.’
No writer cared more about authenticity. This is true not only of his Satanist books, but also of his many other novels. In his Duke de Richleau stories the historic detail is impeccable. And you can feel his authoritative grasp of the period in the undercover adventures of Roger Brook, Napoleon’s super aide-de-camp.
He wrote with great intensity and created an amazing variety of characters and situations. The 52 volume Heron Edition of Wheatley’s novels, which includes his espionage and adventure stories, as well as the occult, is the only finely-bound edition in the world.
The craftsmanship is of the highest standard. Scarlet Kidron and lavish golden and black embellishing have been used to startling effect. The illustrations were specially commissioned from English artists.

Gift Suggestion – Why not put your own collection together? If you are interested in more than one book as a gift then please email me with your selections and I will confirm availability and give you a Special Price

Browse Now at Works of Dennis Wheatley

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Superb Anthony Trollope Sale

Superb Anthony Trollope Sale

In his own time, Trollope’s novels were as popular with the common reader as they were admired by George Eliot, Henry James, George Bernard Shaw and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Today, he is probably the most widely read and loved nineteenth century English Novelists after Dickens and Jane Austen.

A series of books set in the imaginary English county of Barsetshire remains his best loved and most famous work, but he also wrote convincing novels of political life as well as studies that show great psychological penetration. One of his greatest strengths was a steady, consistent vision of the social structures of Victorian England, which he re-created in his books with unusual solidity.

Starting in 1989 The Folio Society began publishing the first complete edition of Trollope’s novels and continued at the rate of several per year until all 47 novels had been published.

This superb uniformly bound complete collection is generally available on my website together with the edition that was later produced by the Folio Society for the Trollope Society.

View now The Complete Folio Society Anthony Trollope Novels

View now The Trollope Society Novels

For a limited period, I have reduced the price of all my stock of individual novels to the amazing price of £9.99 which when you consider that the postage alone, which by the way is included in the price, in most cases costs me £5.50 is a real bargain.

View now Castle Richmond

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Latest Folio Society Arrivals

Latest Folio Society Arrivals

Just arrived 3 fine Folio Society collections;

The Second World War Winston Churchill 6 Vols Folio Society 2003

This can honestly be called the definitive edition, using the final English texts, completely reset in Ehrhardt type, printed on Caxton wove paper, profusely illustrated with photos & in-text maps. History of World War II from the top, being the personal account of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who many rightly regard as the greatest man of the 20th century. Volume titles; The Gathering Storm; Their Finest Hour; The Grand Alliance; The Hinge of Fate; Closing The Ring & Triumph and Tragedy. Six volumes in two dark brown titled slip-cases, with a monochrome photograph of Churchill on the front panel.

Thomas Hardy 6 Volume Boxed Set Folio Society 1993

Six of the most popular Hardy novels in one fine boxed set. The novels are : “Far From the Madding Crowd”, “Tess of the d’Urbervilles”, “The Mayor of Casterbridge”,” The Return of the Native”, The Trumpet Major” and “Under the Greenwood Tree”.

Somerset Maugham Collected Short Stories 4 Vols Folio Society 1998

A superb collection of seventy one short stories from one of the masters of this genre. Following the arrangement of Collected Short Stories first published by Pan Books Ltd. In 1975.

Just In…..

Rarely Seen Agatha Christie autobiography

I have just acquired a copy of the rarely seen The Mystery of Agatha Christie by Gwen Robyns in the Heron Books uniformly bound edition. This volume is available with the 41 volume Agatha Christie collection see below or individually see above.

Browse all my books at Hcbooksonline

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Anthony Trollope – Oxford World’s Classics Edition

Anthony Trollope – Oxford World’s Classics Edition

Trollope and Oxford University go back a long way – to 1907, in fact, when the first Trollope novel was published in the fondly-remembered hardback World’s Classics series. The Three Clerks was followed 11 years later by The Warden, then by a further 41 titles, the majority appearing in the 20s and 30s, right up until the late 1950s. The then Oxford publisher, Sir Humphrey Milford, was a great enthusiast, and it is not too much to say that he was chiefly responsible for the resurrection of Trollope’s reputation as a serious writer with the general reader.

A List of Titles in Numerical Order

140 The Three Clerks
217 The Warden
239 An Autobiography
251 The Belton Estate
252 The Claverings
268 Barchester Towers
272 The Vicar of Bullhampton
278 Miss Mackenzie
279 Rachel Ray
298 Doctor Thorne
305 Framley Parsonage
317 Doctor Wortle’s School
336 Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite
341 The Kellys and the O’Kellys
343 Cousin Henry
342 Ayala’s Angel
357 The Eustace Diamonds
391 The American Senator
397 Tales of All Countries First Series
398 The Last Chronicle of Barset
423/424 Orley Farm
443 Lady Anna
444 An Old Man’s Love
447/478 Phineas Finn
450/451 Phineas Redux
454/455 The Prime Minister
462 The Duke’s Children
468/469 Can You Forgive Her?
472 The Small House at Allington
475/476 Ralph the Heir
484 The Way We Live Now
492 Is He Popenjoy?
502 John Caldigate
503 Mr. Scarborough’s Family
504 The Golden Lion of Granpere
505 Nina Balatka and Linda Tressel
507 He Knew He Was Right

Known Titles with so far unknown numbers

The Bertrams
Castle Richmond
Early Short Stories
Later Short Stories

Possible other titles

The Fixed Period
The Landleaguers
An Eye for an Eye
Harry Heathcote of Gangoil
Jones and Robinson
La Vendée
The MacDermots of Ballycloran
The Struggles of Brown

Search Anthony Trollope’s books at Heron Books

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D H Lawrence Collected Editions

D H Lawrence Collected Editions

There are three major collected editions of the works of D H Lawrence.

The first of these is the The Works of D. H. Lawrence “Phoenix Edition” in 26 Volumes published by William Heinemann (1955-), London with the volumes uniformly bound in red cloth.

This 26 volume edition contains;
The White Peacock; The Trespasser; Sons and Lovers; The Rainbow; Women in Love; The Lost Girl; Aaron’s Rod; Kangaroo; The Plumed Serpent; First Lady Chatterley; Lady Chatterley’s Lover; Apocalypse; Twilight in Italy (Travel I); Sea and Sardinia (Travel II); Mornings in Mexico & Etruscan Places (Travel III); The Short Novels (2 volumes); The Complete Short Stories (3 volumes); The Complete Poems (3 Volumes); Phoenix: The posthumous papers of D.H.Lawrence (2 volumes); Boy in the Bush (Skinner, M.L., Lawrence, D. H.)


The second of these is The D H Lawrence Collection published in 24 volumes in the late 1970’s by Heron Books.

This 24 volume edition contains;
The White Peacock; Sons and Lovers; The Rainbow; Women in Love; The Lost Girl; Aaron’s Rod;
Kangaroo; The Plumed Serpent; Lady Chatterley’s Lover; Twilight in Italy, Sea and Sardinia;
Mornings in Mexico, Etruscan Places, The Trespasser (also seen as Short Novels III); Short Novels (2 volumes); Short Stories (3 volumes); Poems (2 volumes); Plays; Phoenix Part (2 volumes); Letters (2 volumes); Studies in Classic American Literature and Fantasia of the Unconscious.
The third of these is the scholarly edition of Lawrence´s works, The Cambridge Edition of the Works and Letters of D. H. Lawrence in 44 Volumes (36 Volumes Works + 8 Volumes Letters) Cambridge University Press, publication began in the 1980s.


This edition contains;

The White Peacock; Sons and Lovers; The Rainbow; The First Women in Love; Women in Love
The Lost Girl; Aaron’s Rod; Kangaroo; The Plumed Serpent; The First and Second Lady Chatterley Novels; Lady Chatterley’s Lover and A Propos of ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’;
Mornings in Mexico and Other Essays; Sea and Sardinia; Sketches of Etruscan Places and Other Italian Essays; Twilight in Italy and Other Essays; The Prussian Officer and Other stories; England, My England and Other Stories; St Mawr and Other Stories; Mr Noon
The Boy in the Bush; The Fox, The Captain’s Doll, The Ladybird; Reflections on the Death of a Porcupine and Other Essays; Love Among the Haystacks and Other Stories; The Trespasser; The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories; The Virgin and the Gipsy and Other Stories
The Vicar’s Garden and Other Stories; Paul Morel; Quetzalcoatl; Late Essays and Articles; The Poems (2 Volumes); The Plays; Introductions and Reviews

View D H Lawrence books at Heron Books

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The Works of DH Lawrence

The Works of DH Lawrence

D H Lawrence (1885-1930), was an astonishingly versatile and prolific writer, being a novelist, storywriter, critic, poet and painter, and one of the greatest figures in 20th-century English literature.

His list of publications runs to well over 100 titles, a remarkable tally for a man who died in his mid-Forties. His poetry is of a high order, “Snake” and “How Beastly the Bourgeoisie is” are probably his most anthologized poems, and his plays are still occasionally performed and not merely as curiosities. However it is as a prose writer that he is best known, and rightly so, he was a master of all forms of fiction, equally at home with the short tale and novella as with the full length novel. It is these works that are most often read today, and form the core of his remarkable body of writing.
David Herbert Lawrence was born on September 11th 1885, the fourth child of miner Arthur and teacher Lydia who constantly criticised her husband’s heavy drinking and bad language. The young David observed well, and the couple’s difficult relationship is explored in the magnificent Sons and Lovers (1913), and his play A Collier’s Friday Night.

Lawrence wrote some of his most thoughtful, angry, and beautiful books after the First World War, most notably Women in Love (1920), which is something of a sequel to The Rainbow (1915). In 1921 came several essays and travel pieces for various magazines, and journals. 1922 saw the publication of Aaron’s Rod, which show the influence of Nietzsche, followed by his finest collection of short stories, England My England. The following year saw publication of his most disturbing novel, Kangaroo (1923), which in essence is an essay on the power, and appeal of fascism. He also published a collection of wonderful poetry, Birds, Beasts and Flowers. The Plumed Serpent (1926), written while living in the US sate of New Mexico, was a vivid evocation of Mexico and its ancient Aztec religion. The Man Who Died (1929), is a bold story of Christ’s Resurrection.

His collected works, among other things, represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanising effects of modernity and industrialisation. In them, some of the issues Lawrence explores are emotional health, vitality, spontaneity and instinct. For a summary of the published collected editions of D H Lawrence just click on the image below.

Lawrence’s opinions earned him many enemies and he endured official persecution, censorship, and misrepresentation of his creative work throughout the second half of his life, much of which he spent in a voluntary exile. At the time of his death, his public reputation was that of a pornographer who had wasted his considerable talents. E. M. Forster, in an obituary notice, challenged this widely held view, describing him as, “The greatest imaginative novelist of our generation.”

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Heron Series Greatest Masterpieces Of Russian Literature

Heron Books Series – The Greatest Masterpieces Of Russian Literature

Just posted the full listing of books to be found in this Heron Books Series.

View the Full List at Greatest Masterpieces of Russian Literature

I have also recently listed a number of books from this series on my website.

Browse them at Heron Books For Sale

If you have any Heron Books Collections For Sale please email me at

For me it’s the characterisation, but what is it about Russian Literature that makes it so enjoyable for you?

Post your comment below.