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April 2021 Latest Acquisitions

Here is a list of my April 2021 acquisitions some of which have already been listed and some sold, please email me at if you can’t find what you are looking for on my website.

If you would like early notice of my monthly acquisitions please email me and I will add you to my mailing list.

Great Philosophers of the Ancient World 300.00
The Icelandic Sagas 2 vols 300.00
The Silmarillion 2003 Ltd Edition 250.00
The Hobbit 2002 Ltd Edition 250.00
The Arabian Nights 6 vols 185.00
Myths and Legends Of Ancient Rome 175.00
The Pink Fairy Book 175.00
The Barbarian Invasions of the Roman Empire 150.00
Dark Histories Series 7 vols 150.00
The Gormenghast Trilogy 140.00
The Odyssey and The Iliad 130.00
The History Of The English Speaking Peoples 7 vols 125.00
The History Of The Decline and Fall Of The Roman Empire 8v 125.00
An Eyewitness History of the Crusades 120.00
Lives Of The Mongol Warlords 3 vols 120.00
Great Russian Novels 120.00
The Eagle of The Ninth Trilogy 120.00
Classics of Science Fiction H G Wells 120.00
The Anatomy of Melancholy 120.00
Montaigne’s Essays 120.00
The Making of the Modern World 4 vols 110.00
Shakespeare The Complete Works 8 vols 115.00
Jane Austen 7 vols 89.99
Rulers Of The Ancient World 79.99
The March of History 4 vols 79.99
Empires of The Nile 79.99
Empires of The Ancient Near East 4 vols 79.99
The Phoenicians 79.99
The Minoans 79.99
The Mycenaeans 79.99
The Green Fairy Book 79.99
Dante Inferno 79.99
Byzantium 3 vols 79.99
Domesday Book 69.99
Myths and Legends of the Ancient Near East 69.99
W Somerset Maugham Collected Short Stories 59.99
East of the Sun West of the Moon 59.99
Don Quixote 59.99
Epics of the Middle Ages 59.99
Celtic Myths and Legends 59.99
Myths and Legends of Russia 59.99
Herodotus The Histories 59.99
Thucydides The Peloponnesian War 59.99
Caesar The Gallic and Civil Wars 59.99
Livy The Early History Of Rome 59.99
A History Of Rome 59.99
The Nile 2 vols 59.99
Notable Historical Trials 4 vols 59.99
Citizens 2 vols 59.99
The Mediterranean World 3 vols 59.99
Legends Of The Grail 59.99
Legends Of King Arthur 3 vols 59.99
British Myths and Legends 59.99
Legends of The Ring 59.99
The Greek Myths 2 vols 59.99
The Oxford Classical Dictionary 59.99
Italian Cities – Rome Florence Venice 59.99
The Name of The Rose 59.99
Masterpieces of the Macabre 49.99
The French Revolution 3 vols 49.99
The Forsyte Saga 3 vols 49.99
A History of The Chinese Civilisation 2 vols 49.99
A History of the Crusades 49.99
Story of The Middle Ages 5 Vols 49.99
Frankenstein 39.99
On The Origin Of Species 39.99
The Voyage of HMS Beagle 39.99
The Descent of Man 39.99
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 39.99
The Great Game 39.99
Democracy In America 39.99
Pathfinders of The American West 39.99
Tales Of Mystery and Imagination 39.99
A History of Venice 39.99
The Age Of Illumination 3 vols 39.99
Culpeper’s Herbal 39.99
The Ottoman Empire 39.99
Perraults Fairy Tales 39.99
Into The Dark Continent 39.99
A Secret Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina 39.99
The Rise and Fall of the British Empire 39.99
Captain Cook’s Voyages 1768-1779 39.99
The Quest For The North West Passage 39.99
The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom 39.99
The Fatal Shore 34.99
Victorian Trilogy 3 vols 34.99
The Aztecs 34.99
The Incas 34.99
Tanglewood Tales 34.99
The Maya 29.99
A History of The Indians of The United States 29.99
The Greek Myths 2 vols 29.99
The Adventures Of Robin Hood 29.99
Doctor Faustus Marlowe 29.99
The Source of the Nile 29.99
Madame Bovary 27.99
The Boer War 24.99
Blakes Songs Of Innocence & Experience 17.99
French Short Stories 14.99

These titles and many more superb Folio Society books are available at Folio Society Books

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