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Objectives –

  1. To provide the latest updates on books that I am listing on my www.hcbooksonline.com website.
  2. To show my Pick of The Week – books which are of particular interest.
  3. To document some of the collectable editions of my favourite authors, including, William Shakepeare, Sir Walter Scott,  Charles Dickens, and the Heron Books Collections, listing all the volumes, mentioning any special features, and telling you what to look out for if considering purchasing. This feature is accessed by hovering over the Collected Editions Title at the top of each page.

Why should I buy from HCBOOKSonline?

Best for Delivery – with Free UK Delivery there are no nasty surprises with add on costs and with despatch within 24 hours you get one of the fastest services possible.

Best For Choice – with less than 10,000 books in stock you get the benefit of my careful buying policy. Take my Shakespeare range for example, currently just over 100 books in this section, so not too many to browse through, yet what a choice! There are Complete Works from £10.99 to £465, from 1 Book to Full Sets of 9-30 Books and my Shakespeare range doesn’t stop there, because you will also find biographies, individual plays, the sonnets, controversial books about authorship, books about individual plays and their staging, The First Folio and books about the First Folio and so much more. Where else can you find as comprehensive a collection of Dickens’ or Walter Scott’s Library Sets plus books about these groundbreaking authors.?

Best For Service – Don’t take my word for it, read my Customer Feedback! From the quality of the packaging (you wouldn’t want your book damaged in the post), to promptness of delivery (many customers actually receive their book next day), to communication (the last thing you want is someone you cannot talk to).

You have a choice – you can buy from someone who will sell you cheap books of dubiously quality and has no idea about them and doesn’t care whether you buy from him again, or you can buy from someone who passionately cares about books, has years of experience and cares deeply about you buying from him again, and knows that the only way this will happen is if you are totally satisfied with any purchase you make.

This is the blog for HCBOOKSonline for more details about us please visit our website www.hcbooksonline.com

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  1. Hi I have 13 volumes of J B PRIESTLEY the works including plays 1 and 3 . They are heron c 1970 they are in good condition. If they interest you please get in touch . We are in Newcastle . Thanks

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