Here’s our story

Once upon a time…

Our founder Charles Fedorowicz set up HC Books Online in 2001. However, his passion for literature goes back to his childhood, when he liked nothing more than to lose himself for hours on end in the gripping yarns of the great storytellers.

Over the years Charles has acquired a wealth of knowledge, both of books and their authors. Today his expertise is the driving force behind the business.

HC Books Online is proud to be a member of  the Independent Online Booksellers Association (IOBA) and offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed – or a full, no-quibble refund.

We also provide super-fast turnaround on all orders and free UK delivery (with reduced rates for international shipping). Because we care about your purchase as much as you, our packaging is of the highest quality to ensure that your item reaches you in the same pristine condition as it left our warehouse.

5 Good Reasons To Buy From HCBOOKSonline

  • FREE UK Delivery, Overseas Postage at Reduced Rate
  • Superfast Delivery – I always try to post within 24 hrs of payment to ensure you get your book(s) as quickly as possible.
  • Professional Packaging – I always use Top Quality packaging products to ensure you receive your item in the condition it was sent.
  • Member of IOBA – The books you want…from sellers you can trust,
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you are not 100% satisfied with your book then simply return it for a refund

Buy with Confidence – I was accepted as a Professional Member of IOBA (Independant Online Booksellers Association in November 2009.
To read the Associations Code of Ethics, please visit their website at

“The books you want…from booksellers you can trust.”

Latest News

  • FREE Delivery on all UK Orders
  • Phone Ordering Now Available on 0113 273 20 25 (if not in, please leave your number and a message and I will get back to you)

We are an exclusively internet/mail order business without a high street shop front, visitors are welcome to inspect specific books in North Leeds before purchase, but please call first to make an appointment.

We specialize in Folio Society, Heron Books, Classic Fiction, Library Sets, Theology, Ecclesiastical and Religious books including Bibles and Prayer books, and we also stock a wide range of other subjects:

  • Folio Society – Author collections, Limited Editions
  • Literary Fiction, Shakespeare, Dickens, Walter Scott, First Editions
  • Heron Books – I stock the best selection of Complete Collections on the web
  • Complete Collections of the classic authors
  • Antiquarian Bibles and Prayer books
  • Theology, Ecclesiastical and Religious books
  • Biographies, Theatre/Drama, History
  • Library Sets, Heron Books, Folio Society, Everyman’s Library, Readers Digest
  • Victorian, Out of Print, Used and Rare Books

Why should I buy from HCBOOKSonline?

Best for Delivery – with Free UK Delivery there are no nasty surprises with add on costs and with despatch within 24 hours you get one of the fastest services possible.

Best For Choice – with less than 10,000 books in stock you get the benefit of my careful buying policy. Take my Shakespeare range for example, currently just over 100 books in this section, so not too many to browse through, yet what a choice! There are Complete Works from £10.99 to £465, from 1 Book to Full Sets of 9-30 Books and my Shakespeare range doesn’t stop there, because you will also find biographies, individual plays, the sonnets, controversial books about authorship, books about individual plays and their staging, The First Folio and books about the First Folio and so much more. Where else can you find as comprehensive a collection of Dickens’ or Walter Scott’s Library Sets plus books about these groundbreaking authors.? And where else on the web can you find a better selection of Complete Collections of Heron Books?.

Best For Service –Don’t take my word for it, read my Customer Feedback! From the quality of the packaging (you wouldn’t want your book damaged in the post), to promptness of delivery (many customers actually receive their book next day), to communication (the last thing you want is someone you cannot talk to).

You have a choice – you can buy from someone who will sell you cheap books of dubiously quality and has no idea about them and doesn’t care whether you buy from him again, or you can buy from someone who passionately cares about books, has years of experience and cares deeply about you buying from him again, and knows that the only way this will happen is if you are totally satisfied with any purchase you make.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you are not 100% satisfied with your book then simply return it for a refund
  • We aim to reply to phone calls the same day and emails within 24 hours through the week and 48 hours at the weekend.
  • We now have over 9,000 books in stock, with around half of these currently online, the additional books are on our shelves, awaiting listing.
  • If you have difficulty finding an item or would like assistance, please contact us for any advice, help or information you need.
  • Our inventory is maintained and updated daily. Please check back regularly if you cannot find what you require today, or alternatively you can ask us to find a specific book for you.
  • We ship all over the world everyday and orders are posted within 48 hours and most within 24 hours (weekend and holidays excepted).

I have been an avid reader for as long as I care to remember, reading my way through all the junior books at my local libraries, from Treasure island to Biggles also dipping into the non-fiction section for motor racing books about Nuvolari and Fangio, now there’s a clue to my age. I have always enjoyed reading fiction, particularly works by the master story tellers, the ones who produce works that are more than page turners,for example; Walter Scott, Alexander Dumas, Charles Dickens to more modern authors such as Nevil Shute, Alistair Maclean, James Michener, Wilbur Smith and many more. I like nothing more than taking a satchel full of books on holiday, for a read and relax in the sun, often being stopped at airport security, for them to flick through my stash of books for hidden dangers. Over the years I have acquired an extensive knowledge of books and the book trade from both sides of the fence. I have an absolute obsession with researching details about authors and their works, owning and reading many books about authors, publishers and booksellers. I am trying to document some of my hard earned knowledge in my blog

If there is no answer, I may be in the stockroom or I may be with a customer, please leave your number and a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I am free.

HCBOOKS online is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom

A Short History

The business is run by Charles Fedorowicz
Jul 2001 Started selling on eBay
Dec 2007 Expanded into New Warehouse to cope with increasing stock levels
Mar 2008 Started selling on Amazon,Stopped Jan 2011, Amazon No Longer Cost Effective.
Jun 2009 Moved to Current Warehouse
Jun 2009 Set up my website
Nov 2010 Started Blogging
Mar 2011 Website finally outselling eBay listings
Oct 2021 Andrew (Andy) Beddis joined to enable Charles to take things a little bit easier

Gift Ideas

A first edition of that special someone’s favourite book… A fine, exquisitely bound volume… A signed copy of a treasured title… a true antique… a rarity, perhaps unique copy…

Few gifts are as deeply appreciated as a beautiful rare book. Its age, historical and/or cultural importance, binding, and personal significance to the receiver are factors that make a rare book a particularly special gift to be treasured always in the heart’s bookshelf. Suggestion – For Gift Ideas look in the Folio Society Category.

With a variety of titles, authors, subjects, and price ranges, you are sure to find something exceptional that will be long remembered.

By providing a few particulars about the recipient’s interests and your budget, we can offer suggestions for just the right volume. Contact details can be found on our Contact Us page.